Maserati Alfieri To Become All-Electric By 2018

Maserati Alfieri To Become All-Electric By 2018

The Maserati Alfieri got delayed by many months and the newest update is that the brand wants to make it all-electric, scheduled for a 2018 launch.

The 2+2 concept car is going to become all-electric in the near future. While the company aims to showcase the prototype at one of the top auto expos by 2018, it won’t reach customers until 2019. The time is required to build next generation battery and powerful electric motors, confirmed the head of Maserati. The idea is to compete against the most popular electric car manufacturer, Tesla.

The petrol powered variant of the Maserati Alfieri which has been delayed for years now will be available by 2018, confirmed Sergio Marchionne. Speaking to a leading automobile magazine, the head revealed this information and more including their plan to compete with Porsche 911 and Jaguar F-Type in terms of performance.

At the moment, Maserati has very limited presence in the automobile market. The brand manages to sell 40,000 cars. While it cannot be termed as meager, there is still a long way to go. It is owned by the Fiat Chrysler group which makes it easier for the engineers to gain access to the latest technologies. The brand will be revamped in such a way that it will sell at least 75,000 cars a year by 2018.

Maserati Alfieri

When Harald Wester, CEO of the brand unveiled the Maserati Alfieri, he proudly proclaimed that it is the future of the brand. True to his claim, the car is different in every perspective. It is a 2+2 sports car which is not a GT but tries to create a platform of its own. On the inside, the model will be powered by a 4.7-liter V8 engine. The next gen Gran Turismo will be out before the Alfieri is announced and goes into production.

The head of the team is highly confident that they will soon witness the Alfieri going into production, at least in the next two years. He also added that there might be some delays due to business related decisions and the need to bring more popular models out first. The Maserati Alfieri, a dream car that combines the best heritage from 100 years of designing cars will sure be out in due time.

Powered by an electric motor, it has the potential to be relevant to the crowd when it makes a public appearance by 2019. Could this be a Tesla rival? Probably.

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