Xbox One S Tiny Master Chief From Halo May Void Your Warranty

Xbox One S Tiny Master Chief From Halo

Games are always known for having Easter eggs everywhere but this time Microsoft has gone a step ahead by adding one in their Xbox One S console hardware.

Such minute details are usually not bundled into the hardware because it is tough to spot and leads to a whole lot of other issues. The latest one is that the Xbox One S, the slim and compact new generation console has a Mega Man like Master Chief logo etched inside the optical disc drive bracket. The catch is if you are going to open it and take a look at this logo that isn’t going to do anything, you will mostly end up voiding the warranty.

The particular Master Chief logo was found by a company Ifixit which is known for tearing down all the latest and greatest gadgets. They are usually paid to do these reviews and give buyers a close look at components that they never get to see throughout the life of the device. The company has even posted an official image of how it looks on their social media page. You could probably take a look at it.

Xbox One S Tiny Master Chief From Halo May Void Your Warranty

But, trying to pry open the optical disc tray as soon as your Xbox One S console arrives is not the best way to go about it. You might not only void warranty but may also damage some parts on the new console. After spending so much on buying the latest console, why would one want to get themselves into trouble for a tiny logo? You probably shouldn’t which is why we are posting the image for you to take a look at.

Microsoft is yet to comment on the situation. All top media websites and magazines have sent them a message questioning whether opening the drive to see the Halo Master Chief logo will void warranty. In most scenarios, it should but in order to let gamers simply enjoy the fun of seeing an Easter egg, the company might let this one go.

Until there is an official word from the company, it is safe to keep your Xbox One S console as it is without trying to meddle with the hardware. Just enjoy the games and probably the 4K streaming as well as the HDR system introduced for the first time. The console is definitely a great upgrade for any fan and existing Xbox One owners. Check out our article on four reasons that makes the Xbox One S a must buy.

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