Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date Confirmed by EA and Bioware

Mass Effect Andromeda Release

Putting an end to the leaks, Mass Effect Andromeda release date was officially confirmed by the developers.

Electronic Arts will publish the game and it is being developed by Bioware the team behind all Mass Effect games and titles like Dragon Age Origins.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Being one of the most anticipated titles, Mass Effect Andromeda received massive media attention and fans were eager to know when it will get launched. While multiple sources kept citing different release dates, a prominent leak confirmed the actual date. Bioware decided to bring things under control and stopped speculations from further growing into unnecessary rumors. They confirmed the game’s launch date and discussed on how the new title in the series varies from the ones released so far.

“We can confidently say that it is the most ambitious Mass Effect game we have ever made. For the first time, we are going out of the familiar turf into new regions. The game is filled with plenty of new characters to know and each one of them have different stories. There are new planets to explore which always makes the open world game addictive combined with new species to interact with,” wrote Aaryn Flynn from Bioware.

“Delivering such large scale experience requires the right game platform. The game is now running on the latest version of the Frostbite engine. The platform allows it look stupendously good that any other game in the series have been. With a view to deliver the best experience to our longtime fans, we are taking time to make things better and when it’s out players will have the best possible experience ever in our game,” he added.

BioWare has a tradition where they allow game developers in their team to take a holiday build of Mass Effect Andromeda home. They spend hours playing through the game during the long holidays and when they are finally back to office after New Year, all the feedback will be collated to perfect the experience. Many of them who played the game were part of the original trilogy and it allowed them to confirm the release date, according to a post on playstation lifestyle.

Mass Effect Andromeda Release

Mass Effect Andromeda is getting launched on March 21st on PS4, Xbox One and PC platforms. The game’s initial launch will take place in the United States and it will launch in Europe on March 23rd. The game will be playable only through Origin platform as it is published by EA. The company recently gave out Mass Effect 2 for free to celebrate the holidays.

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