Matte Black iPhone 7 Users Reporting Chipped Paint on the Apple Phone

Matte Black iPhone 7

When Apple first introduced the iPhone 5 in a black finish, it was a joy for many to own this phone, but only for the first few weeks or probably months of using the phone.

Back then, many users of the Apple iPhone 5 complained of chipping paint on the edges and back of the phone, something that seems to have come back to haunt current users of the matte black iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus handsets. According to a growing number of reports coming from Apple Support forums, many owners of these two phones are complaining that the handset is chipping away, leaving the bare aluminum exposed.

Apparently, this chipping issue is vaster on the larger iPhone 7 Plus as compared to the smaller iPhone 7 variant. Interestingly, the same issue is being reported even by those who claim to have had their iPhones in a case ever since they bought it. Upon talking to Apple about this chipping away issue, some users say that Cupertino told them this has everything to do with cosmetic and as such it’s not covered under the device’s warranty.

Matte Black iPhone 7

The list is slowly growing bigger and bigger, with many of those affected saying that they are noticing chipping on the edges of the phone, volume button, mute switch, back of the phone and even on the speaker grill. This is not so good for a device that set back many people at least $649 just about 5 months or less ago. From such a top-dollar device, one would expect more, especially since many are saying that they went the extra mile of ensuring that their iPhone 7 phones are well protected in a case.

As noted earlier, the iPhone 5 suffered this same problem, but what is currently affecting iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus users is not as widespread as the former. But since the latter devices are not even half a year old, we could see more complaints coming in from different parts of the world where the matte black iPhone 7 was sold.

Have you noticed any chipping on your matte black Apple iPhone 7? Share your experience with us via the comments.

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