Rumor: Apple iPhone 8 to Debut Iris Scanning, Wireless Charging Technologies

iPhone 8 hype

A lot of expectations have been placed on the Apple iPhone 8 as the phone will be the line’s 10th-gen model since the first of its kind was unveiled back in 2007.

With lots of rumors pointing towards some groundbreaking changes from Apple, a new development is just coming in adding another special feature to the upcoming iPhone 8. Apparently, the latest reports are adamant that Apple will go the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 (and possibly Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus) way and come in with an iris scanning technology on the 2017 flagship alongside wireless battery charging. If all goes well, industry insiders claim that these features will add to the likes of curved OLED displays and all-glass design as the major selling points of the next-gen Apple iPhone 8.

Given that Apple usually unveils the iPhone somewhere in September, it is still months away before we probably see an iPhone 7 successor. Nonetheless, a recent report suggested that Apple will begin iPhone 8 production earlier than usual, somewhere around June 2017. In addition, the same report adds that the company has a target of close to 50 million units of the phone as the said selling points are expected to boost the demand of the flagship.

Apple iPhone 8


Now that iris scanning and wireless charging are also joining the party, it seems the iPhone 8 will indeed be a device on high demand. As you probably know already, the iris scanner comes to join the Touch ID in beefing up the security and privacy of the phone, even though the current fingerprint scanning technology the company uses is just as impressive as the incoming one. The negative of using the Touch ID is that it gets tricky when one has wet or dirty fingers, something that iris scanning technology eliminates in an expert way. This also makes life a lot easier for Apple as it seeks to go the waterproof way as far as the body of the next-gen iPhone is concerned.

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