Maxis Rolls Out a Huge Patch Update for the Sims 4 and Expansion Packs

the Sims 4 get together

The Sims 4 had received a major patch update and it should fix a lot of existing issues in the game.

The update is also applicable for the expansion packs including the most popular ones like Get to Work, Get Together, City Living among others.

For players who have already turned on auto updates in the application settings, the game would have been updated to the latest version. Others have to manually update the game but when you do so, make sure to remove any mods installed in the game and custom content as it could hinder with the original game files. The latest patch update is version for PC version while Mac gamers should download version

the Sims 4 dine out

The Sims 4 Base Game Update

The update rolled out for the base game will stop sims from trying to rewrite an entire book from the beginning after you save and load the game to start where you left off. One of the important features that players love, the watch current channel and watch TV together is now back. You can watch television with a group of strangers, friends or family in the living room making it double the fun.

Some players reported that female sims used to wear a pink bra even when showering which has been now fixed. Another bug that made my library content have improper or missing thumbnails is also fixed. The developers in the latest patch update for the Sims 4 had also stopped sims from automatically donating money to charity, fixed a bug related to Kelptomanic trait and the Party animal aspiration.

the Sims 4 vampire pack

Changes Made in Get to Work and Get Together

In Get to Work, sims will receive the unable to propose dialog, removed interrogate suspect during the tutorial and allows them to sell medicines in their retail stores. Players who are being a doctor can complete an object when a pregnant lady walks in and successfully delivers a baby in their hospital.

Similarly, in the Get Together expansion pack allows sims to play the dart together as multiple players and not stand around without a clue.

Huge updates have been rolled out to The Sims 4 City Living expansion pack , Dine Out, Vampires so that these bugs don’t annoy you while you are trying to complete an objective or build a better world for your sims. A funny bug is when top star restaurant cooks deliver low quality food in dine out which is now fixed! The irony or reality?

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