2017 Frankfurt Motor Show – What Audi, BMW and Others Have Planned? 

2017 Frankfurt Motor mercedes benz

The 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show is very close at the moment.

The event scheduled to take place in the month of September is going to be an exciting time for car enthusiasts and buyers, as the most exotic models will be revealed for the first time at the show.

The major automobile manufacturers will be there as the show commences on the 12th of September and some exclusive models will be showcased to the press before the public could step in. All the top players including BMW, Audi, Volkswagen, Renault and Jaguar will be there while budget friendly brands will also showcase the latest and greatest technology they have to show.

2017 Frankfurt Motor mercedes

Audi at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2017

Based on multiple rumors and inside sources, Audi has some confirmed releases while there will obviously be surprise announcements. The Audi A8 is confirmed to be making its debut but the A8 luxury limo variant could steal the show. It will feature much better powertrains and a hybrid engine variant is also in the list. The car will directly compete with the Mercedes S-Class. The RS4 Avant may or may not make its appearance in the show.

BMW Lineup

BMW has a long list of cars and almost all of them will make their appearance at the car expo. The list includes BMW 6 series, i8 Spyder, BMW X7 and the BMW M5. Out of the lot, the BMW i8 Spyder drop top hybrid sports car model is sure to make both the public and the media go gaga over its futuristic design & performance.


Jaguar is going to be there in Frankfurt and when they do so, they will bring the E-Pace SUV for the first time. After seeing a lot of photos and spy pictures, this could be your chance to see the model in metal along with the F-Pace which is scheduled for an official launch in the first half of 2018.

Jaguar E-Pace SUV

Mercedes is Going all Sporty

At the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show, Mercedes is going to go all sporty with the Project One Hypercar, G-Class and the GT 4-door concept car. The G-Class will sport a 4×4 drive and a rumoured all-electric car could make it concept debut at the show but it’s not a confirmed launch so far.


Renault Megane is the car for the Frankfurt auto show with significant tweaks made to the design and its overall performance. Other top brands including Subaru, Kia, SEAT, Volkswagen with their Polo GTI will be there at the show this Sept.

Image Credits : Autoexpress.co.uk, Media.caranddriver.com,S1.Cdn.autoevolution.com

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