Mazda 2 Refreshed Model has New Equipment and GT Variants

Mazda 2

The Mazda 2 range of cars has been refreshed and buyers will get some additional features making the new models a notable upgrade from the current ones.

The car will now feature brand new technology in the dashboard for easy connectivity and also adds two new models expanding the lineup. The GT editions are always the fastest of the lot and buyers will be able to go for the Mazda 2 GT and the GT Sport variants based on what they prefer the most. An improved addition is the G-Vectoring control system which will be made available on all cars.

Mazda 2 Refreshed Model

The way it works is similar to torque vectoring system which will allow the engine torque so as to give more control to the person behind the steering wheel in tight corners. An enhanced ride is assured as the engineers at Mazda have made changes to the steering as well as the dampening system with improved body control.

For maximum comfort, the interiors now feature posh fabric material with a brand-new steering wheel and the insides of the bonnet are insulated with sound isolating glass that reduces the extra sound produced by the engine. Exterior changes include the addition of the two new door mirrors. The SE-L and the SE-L Nav cars are now equipped with LED front fog lamps that offer best visibility in cold climatic conditions and also has folding mirrors that save space especially in tight parking areas.

Being the Mazda 2 GT and the GT Sport, these models are expected to feature the best in class components including LED headlights, daytime running lights and has a black rear lip spoiler which is very contrasting compared to the color used in the body along with 16-inch alloy wheels. The base GT model is powered by a 1.5-liter petrol engine that can produce up to 89 horsepower and the Sport edition uses a similar engine but produces about 113 horsepower. The entry level car has a 7-inch color touchscreen infotainment display which also supports smartphone connectivity and navigation besides cruise control and DAB radio. The special GT and GT sport editions have some extra features like keyless entry, climate control air conditioning and rear parking sensors.

Mazda 2

The pricing for the Mazda 2 base model begins at £12,695 and the GT edition starts at £16,395. It is on par with the outgoing models making it a choice that existing Mazda 2 owners can go for to experience an upgrade.