Meet the Explosion-Proof Elephone S7 – A Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Look-alike

Elephone S7

In a world where there are dozens of smartphone manufacturers trying to outwit each other, we would expect to see totally different and unique phones, especially when it comes to design and features.

However, it seems the design world has run out of ideas as all smartphone OEMs seem to be copying what each other has in mind. We’ve seen it with Samsung, Apple, Huawei, Google, Oppo and many others, but one company that has been synonymous with copying for quite some time is Xiaomi. Surprisingly, this Chinese OEM is the only company with the most unique smartphone design in the world right now thanks to the recently-launched Xiaomi Mi MIX. Enter the new, explosion-proof Elephone S7.

Does anything sound familiar? Well, if it doesn’t ring a bell, you probably have heard of Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. For starters, there is something to do with the names, but this doesn’t stop here as the new Elephone S7 also comes with an identical design language to what Samsung offers on its flagship. Nonetheless, the phone still comes with an amazing set of features and specs that make it a worthy phone, at least on paper. Like any other Chinese smartphone, the Elephone S7 has its USP in the price tag.

Starting at just $139.99, the Elephone S7 is one of the cheapest, feature-packed smartphones you can have around. In fact, with its curved display and beautiful finish, you will struggle to find a better match for this handset.

Elephone S7

Hardware specs and price

The cheapest curved display phone you could buy in 2016 was the Xiaomi Mi Note 2, which is valued at around $500. But now there is an Elephone S7 that is less than half the price of the former and under the hood, it also offers a decent number of specs.

For starters, you should know that the phone has several specs combinations on offer. The base model of the Elephone S7, which is only offered in a gold color variant, has a RAM of 2GB and 16GB of internal storage. The next up in line is a 3GB RAM model with 32GB of onboard storage. This model has four color variants and each has a different price tag. The cheapest is the gold color, which is valued at $169.99 while the midnight blue variant is valued at $189.99. On the other hand, getting a black color variant demands $199.99 while the high-end green color variant asks for $209.99.

The premium version of this Elephone S7 has 4GB RAM and 64GB internal storage. Like the mid-range offering, this model also comes in four color variants that are also priced differently. The base model is in gold and is priced at $199.99 whereas the high-end model is still covered in green and is priced at $249.99. The middle class has a blue and black Elephone S7 priced at $229.99 and $239.99, respectively. All models also come with room for microSD card storage, NFC, and dual-SIM connectivity.

These price tags will earn you either a 5.2-inch or 5.5-inch display screen with Full HD resolution and an edge-to-edge 3D glass. Under the hood, all Elephone S7 models are powered by an Helio X20 deca-core SoC that is paired with a Mali T880 graphics processing unit. Despite the presence of Android Nougat in the market, you still get Android Marshmallow on this Galaxy S7 Edge double.

The back of the Elephone S7 has a 13MP snapper with an aperture of f/2.2 while the front packs a 5MP sensor. To keep it alive, the company went for a 3000mAh battery, the same size found in the standard Galaxy S7.

Galaxy S7 Edge Coral Blue

Despite the many similarities with the Galaxy S7 Edge, Elephone S7 has one feature that might turn out to be the USP. The phone has been labeled explosion-proof (heard of Samsung Galaxy Note 7?) thanks to the three layers of guaranteed explosion protection it comes with. The phone has an explosion-proof membrane that will keep you safe in case the battery explodes, but this doesn’t mean the S7 has a battery that will explode. This is also enclosed in another explosion-proof TPU shell on the outside.

If you are into fancy Chinese phones, the Elephone S7 is one you shouldn’t pass, especially when looking at its price and premium design. You can now pre-order it right away from the company’s official website.

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