Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors – The 5 Features to Look Forward to

MacBook Pro 2016 vs Surface Pro 5

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is the next big thing from Microsoft following the failure to refresh the 2015 Surface Pro 4 at a recent company event, where a Surface Book and Surface Studio were unveiled instead.

Even though previous rumors had indicated that Microsoft will probably keep us waiting until next year for a new Surface Pro 5 to come to life, we already have quite a number of interesting rumors doing rounds with respect to the features that the Surface Pro 4 successor will bring to the fold.

One thing for sure is that the Surface Pro 4 is a loved device. With this in mind, Microsoft is facing an uphill task in ensuring that the next Surface Pro 5 is the real deal. So, what does the Windows OS maker planning for the 2017 spring event?

Display improvements

The Surface Pro 4 has a display resolution of 2736 x 1824 pixels and a 3:2 aspect ratio. While the latter aspect should be retained on the Surface Pro 5, expect the display to shift to a UHD/4K panel with a resolution of 3860 x 2560 pixels. Given that there are usually several variants, the Pro 5 tablet may include this 4K display on the high-end model alongside a huge price tag. The huge battery consumption from a 4K display panel should also see this model come with an even bigger battery unit.

Processing power

One reason that rumors have pointed to with respect to the delayed Surface Pro 5 release is that Microsoft wants to use the latest Kaby Lake processor from Intel instead of the current Skylake used on the Surface Pro 4. The new chipset promises faster clock speed thanks to the new 14nm technology used. You can also expect to receive enhanced graphics support.

USB-C support

The Surface Pro 5 might be Microsoft’s entry into the USB-C world. We’ve seen Apple make the change with the recent introduction of MacBook Pro 2016, Google and other companies are also making the change. USB-C is considered a faster and hassle-free option to traditional USB ports that have been around for ages now.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

Enhanced stylus support

The use of a Surface Pen stylus has made the Surface Pro lineup quite a decent-selling device. This even pushed Apple to add a Pencil to its iPad Pro, but the Surface Pro 5 is expected to be even better with stylus capable of detecting any tiniest amount of pressure.

Use with multiple devices

Apple’s new MacBook Pro 2016 laptops have one amazing feature in the shape of the ability to connect to other accessories, most notably 4K or 5K MST displays. Well, this is one feature Microsoft doesn’t want to ship the Surface Pro 5 without. Furthermore, it will be a welcome idea if the device could easily be connected to other Windows 10 devices and work seamlessly, enabling continuity of tasks regardless of the device in use.

What else would you like to see Microsoft ship with the Surface Pro 5 come spring 2017? Share your thoughts with us via the comments.

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