Meeting Xiaomi Mi 5C in February 2017 : First Device with Proprietary Pinecone Chipset

Xiaomi has waited for the right moment to launch the Xiaomi Mi 5C, being the first of its devices featuring the Pinecone chipset developed by the company.

The device has been rumored for some time now, being seen on some commercial sites like Jingdong and also in Taobao. However, there was no sign of any release of the Xiaomi Mi 5C, which also goes by the code name of Meri.

Xiaomi Mi 5C

Proprietary Processor

Kevin Wang, a research analyst has revealed that the Xiaomi Mi 5C will come with the self developed chipset, Pinecone, adding that there is no shortage of cores in the device. The chipset is based on Cortex A53 cores with 4×4 arrangement, placing it in the middle range group. According to Kevin Wang, the device will be released in February. According to another news from a source, there is one more SoC coming with a more impressive Cortex A73 core in the 4×4 arrangement, being released some time later.

Rumored Specs

It has been rumored that the Xiaomi Mi 5C will come with a display screen of 5.5 inches and 2.5D curved glass. The RAM is 3GB and the internal storage of the smartphone is 64 GB. It will come with a rear camera of 12 MP and a front camera of 8 MP. The device will be running on the MIUI 8, which is based on the Android 6.0, Marshmallow version.

Flagship Device

The Xiaomi Mi 5C was spotted on the online certification site of China, the 3C or the China Quality Certification Center.  There are hints that the device will be released this month. In addition, 4 other devices from Xiaomi were also spotted, though the top specifications will be seen in the flagship device, the Mi 5C.

Xiaomi Mi 5C Certification

GizmoChina spotted the online image showing five variants undergoing certification. The five variants come in differing model numbers, namely 2015212, 2016089, 2016101, and also MAE 136, MBE6A5. The MAE136 is supposed to be the Xiaomi Mi 5C device, codenamed Meri.

According to the leak, the Xiaomi Mi 5C will be powered using the 5V/2A adapter. This puts an end to the rumor that the device will offer support for the fast charging technologies.

Design Rumors

Rumors indicate that the design of the new flagship device, Xiaomi Mi 5C, is almost the same as Xiaomi’s earlier flagship device, the Mi 5, as far as the front is concerned.  The smartphone will come with very narrow bezels offering a sleek look. The difference in the upcoming device is that it has a 2.5 glass, offering it a premium appearance. There is no 3D glass at the rear of the device, but it will probably come with the soft aluminum unibody appearance, having cutouts for antenna bands and for its camera.

Xiaomi Mi 5C Design Rumors

Price Expected

As far as the price of the device is concerned, there are some predictions that it will be sold around PHP 7300, whereas other rumors claim that it will be around PHP 11000.

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