Samsung Galaxy S8 May use Batteries from a Japanese Supplier

Samsung Galaxy S8

Following the ill-fated Galaxy Note 7, Samsung is reportedly pondering on ditching one of its battery suppliers in favor of a new one for the incoming Galaxy S8 flagship.

Late last year, just when the Galaxy Note 7 issue had escalated to its highest point, it was rumored that Samsung was considering getting batteries from LG Chem for its upcoming Galaxy S8, but according to the latest reports, the South Korean tech giant is looking at a Japanese battery supplier instead.

If the report is to be believed, Samsung Galaxy S8 will come powered by batteries made by Murata Manufacturing, a company from Japan. Not so long ago, Samsung came clear on the matter of the Galaxy Note 7 and promised to implement stricter measures as well as new testing standards in order to ensure that future batteries are safe. From what it looks, ditching one of its former suppliers is one of the first solutions to this Note 7 problem.

In early January, a report came from South Korea claiming that Samsung Galaxy S8 will still come with batteries made by Samsung SDI, the same supplier of the batteries that rendered the Galaxy Note 7 dead. As it appears, this previous report is turning into something real. According to the latest report from Japan’s Nikkei business, China’s Amperex Technology is the victim of the latest move, meaning that Samsung SDI will still be in business.

Galaxy Note 7 Battery

Amperex was the other supplier of Galaxy Note 7 batteries alongside Samsung SDI and if all goes according to this report, Murata will take its place with respect to the Galaxy S8. Does it mean that China’s firm was to blame for the Note 7 battery issue? Probably not.

Samsung has confirmed that it will not be launching the Galaxy S8 at the MWC 2017 show, rather, there’s a separate event that is rumored to be happening on March 29. Still, recent reports suggest that the company could tease the flagship in a one-minute video at this mobile tech show in Barcelona.

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