Mercedes Benz May Beat BMW to Become World’s Largest Premium Carmaker

2018 Mercedes-AMG GLA45

Mercedes Benz is poised to beat BMW and has the potential to top the charts this year.

They are about to reach their goal four years earlier than predicted as the team shifted their attention towards stylish luxury cars, away from the usual market share paradox.

Mercedes Benz May Beat BMW

Automobile manufacturers are supposed to focus on delivering the best cars and new technologies. The ever fluctuating market share and competitive environment convinced manufacturers to go after making more income rather than innovation. In recent times, cars didn’t witness any major change until Tesla pioneered electric technology. Hybrid cars were manufactured which is now leading the automobile industry towards an autonomous feature. Mercedes Benz is following the same route but with their own style in making unique, stylish cars that stand apart from the rest.

Mercedes Benz is not only making sporty cars but are working on autonomous driving technology. Analysts opine that the open ended approach towards accepting new technology has made the brand popular and helped it gain an increased market share. When Mercedes split itself from Chrysler in 2007, Chief Executive Dieter Zetsche had a really tough time to come out of it. Shareholders wanted him to make sure the brand doesn’t lose to the likes of Audi and BMW. Becoming the largest premium carmaker and winning over BMW is a lifetime coup for Zetsche.

The road to becoming the largest automaker is based on sales and Daimler according to Reuters report stated that they have sold 2.08 million Mercedes Benz cars in 2016. BMW is the only company that holds this prestigious title for a very long time since 2005. Their annual sales report is yet to be officially announced and when they do so, we can know who won the 2016 race. However, selling over 2 million vehicles is no easy task and Daimler added that if the Smart Brand sales are added, they managed over 2.23 million cars.

2018 Mercedes-AMG GLA45

Daimler is moving towards traditional car manufacturing into pay per minute transporting solutions. Autonomous vehicles will play a huge role in this initiative. Mercedes Benz has been one of the most beloved brands despite the fact that they didn’t beat BMW in terms of sales. Apple signed up with Benz and so did many others showcasing the fact that customer experience matters more than raw sales figures. The brand has some models scheduled to be revealed during the Detroit auto show.

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