Mercedes Benz Reveals CES 2017 Plans, CASE Concept to be Revealed in New Models

Mercedes Benz CES 2017 Plans

Mercedes Benz is heading to the CES 2017 show with lots of plans inspired by concept CASE.

Abbreviated as Connected, Autonomous, Shared & Service and Electric, the company revealed their future plans for their automotive sector.

Mercedes Benz CES 2017 Plans

With a strong focus on making self-driving, electric powered cars, Mercedes will discuss how mobility could be combined with fit & healthy living. People do lots these days but majority of them are related to technology that makes the average human lead an unhealthy lifestyle. The automobile brand aims to address this at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 where smart homes and artificial intelligence will be shared with their cars to achieve long term goals.

In their press statement, the Daimler group confirmed that top executives from the brand will attend a live question and answers session during the expo. The event is scheduled to take place from January 5th to January 8th during which the concept behind CASE will be discussed in detail.

“We strongly believe that with CASE, we will be able to achieve our goals and create a strong future for mobility. The idea is to create a platform which is future proof and versatile enough to offer the digital experiences a car could offer. Our vision is that the car of the future should be emission free, fully networked, autonomous and possibly be able to get the best features of shared mobility,” said Ola Kallenius, head of Group Research and Development at Mercedes.

The CES 2017 event scheduled to take place in Las Vegas will witness the grand launch of the Mercedes Benz Vision Van and the Concept EQ. Both these vehicles will be fully designed to support the concept of connected, autonomous, shared and electric strategy. They will portray how cars of the future should work and how emission free battery power can change the way automobiles operate. The concept is still in its early stages and all top automobile brands should work in unison in order to achieve shared connectivity.

Mercedes Benz CASE Concept

The executives at Mercedes Benz will discuss about smart ready to share service for their fit and healthy initiative. We are yet to know how it works with individual fitness goals. The event also takes questions from people through the official Facebook page. If you have some, you can probably drop them in it for their consideration. The event will also be live streamed so that everyone around the globe can watch it live to know what the brand has planned for the future of automobiles.

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