WhatsApp iOS Beta Version by WhatsApp Inc is Now Available for Download

Whatsapp iOS Beta 2.17.1

The latest version of WhatsApp for iOS is now available for free download in beta.

While the App Store version by WhatsApp Inc may list it at a later time, you can download the beta version as a direct file and install it on your iPhone. But remember that once you install this beta, you cannot downgrade to an older version from App Store. If you do, you may lose all your chats.

Here is the download link – WhatsApp iOS Beta Version

The developers have been consistently working on upgrading the app to deliver the best possible experience. They continuously do a lot of bug fixing which improves the overall benefits delivering by the messaging app. The team recently rolled out video calling features for all users around the globe. They have a strong focus on the Android platform because of the sheer number of users who use it on the operating system. Besides, it always takes time to customize it for Android than iOS because of vast number of device configurations.

Whatsapp iOS Beta Version

The Whatsapp iOS Beta version apk file allows you to directly install the latest version of the app on your iPhone. But, before you do so make sure you backup all your files so that you don’t lose any important file, music or video from your collection. Besides, being an unofficial apk it is not possible to rollback to the newest official version which may lead to data loss. You will also lose the conversations you have had so far.

With the developers rolling out updates at a rapid pace, it won’t be long before the beta iOS version is available on the app store. When it does, your iPhone will automatically replace the files required and will work without any hiccups. It’s fun to actually get the new features and bug fixes before everyone else. The APK file allows you to enjoy the convenience days or weeks before Whatsapp Inc rolls them out in their pages.

Details are also posted on the official Whatsapp iOS beta reddit page to help you manually install the version on your phone.

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