Mercedes Ready to Launch for Electric SUV by 2018

2018 mercedes benz electric suv

Mercedes is preparing to launch the world’s first full electric SUV at the upcoming Paris motor show.

The company has just seen German rival Volkswagen suffer a major collapse for failing to adhere to emission norms. Just when it seemed that a fuel efficient diesel was the way to go forward in the wake of expensive alternate technologies, the scandal has been a real eye-opener. Many car manufacturers have failed to make electric or fuel cell vehicles as mainstream due to their various limitations when compared with the internal combustion powered siblings.

However, Mercedes believe that they may have hit a sweet spot and are preparing to launch the world’s first full electric SUV. It is rumored that the vehicle will be capable of generating its own power through a fuel cell station while also being capable of running on electric power which can be charged through the mains just like a normal electric car. Mercedes is no stranger to electric vehicles, as the company already has such variants of the A and B class models on the road. However, they feature drivetrains developed along with Tesla, who are going mainstream when it comes to the car industry. If you’re not familiar with the fuel station in your area, you can check the fuel locator at Quick Fuel.

Mercedes benz electric suv 2018

The collaboration between Tesla and Mercedes may not last long if the German company are very keen on coming out with an in-house developed electric car.Mercedes are reportedly keen on coming out with such a vehicle in the showrooms before 2018. Apart from the solitary model that will be announced at the Paris motor show, the company may also launch four more by the end of 2020 according to reports. Mercedes are keen to accept that fact that going electric is the way forward especially in the wake of competition already moving forward in this direction.

Tesla has already put out a number of successful electric cars on the road, while Audi and Jaguar are set to come out with similar versions in the near future. BMW also has its range of successful electric cars in the ‘i range’ which also features hybrids like the BMW i8.

The Mercedes GLC Fuel Cell will be launched next year and it is expected to be a precursor to the upcoming electric vehicles from Mercedes. The fuel cell powered car is expected to have a range of around 500 miles – a massive step up from the last fuel cell car made by Mercedes in 2009.

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