Xiaomi Mi – Note 2 Leaks – The Wait seems to Get Longer Sparking More Curiosity

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Xiaomi is a Chinese based technological company, which has offered many new devices, with 2 smartphones and two new smart televisions.

The two new phones are the Mi 5s and the Mi 5s Plus.

Mi Note 2

Flagship Phones

The two phones are flagship devices of Xiaomi. However, another new flagship device is expected with the Mi Note 2, which is bound to replace the 5s Plus and become the new flagship phone of the company. Xiaomi is planning to release the two phones some time in October this year. The leaks regarding the phones have been seen for several months now and here is another new leak.

Teaser on Weibo

Weibo is a social networking site based in China and it has come up with the latest teaser on the new Xiaomi phones. However, the teaser is not seen on the official page of Weibo as yet.

Back Cameras

The teaser on Weibo shows that the rear side of the Note 2 comes with 2 camera sensors and these are flanked with the dual LED flash. The rear of the phone is made of glass and is similar to the Mi5 released during the early part of this year.  The brand name of the company is found on the rear of the phone at the bottom and is in the same place as was seen on the Mi 5. Thus, we can conclude that the new Note 2 will come with the dual camera on the rear, which is the same as the one on the Mi 5s Plus. However, it is not sure whether the Note 2 will ship using the similar camera sensor seen on the 5s Plus.

Expected Specs

The Note 2 is expected to release with a QHD display screen of 5.7 inches in size. It will have a RAM of 6 GB and the internal storage will be 128 GB. The phone will be powered by a quad core processor, the Snapdragon, 821, 64 bit and will have a Adreno 530, GPU graphics card.

As for the camera, there are rumors that it will come with a double setup of 16 MP cameras on the rear. However, it is also possible that the phone will have the same camera as seen on the 5s Plus. The battery will be powered at 4000 mAh and the front camera will have a resolution of 5 MP.

Xiaomi Mi Note 2

Long Wait in the Offing

The wait for this phablet seems to be getting longer with the passage of time. The company has not yet specified any date for the release of the Note 2. It is now expected to release some time this month or it might even be pushed to November.  Earlier, it was reported that the Note 2 would be announced on the 27th of September, along with the Mi 5s and the Mi 5s plus. However, this turned out be a false rumor. Again, Pan Jiutang, an analyst, who claimed that the Note 2 would come by the end of this month, sparked the curiosity among fans once more.

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