Microsoft and 4J Studios to Stop Minecraft Updates on Windows 10 Phones


Microsoft’s venture in Windows 10 phones is gradually coming to an end as Minecraft support on these phones is about to be withdrawn by its developer 4J studios.

Despite their repetitive tries, it seems Microsoft couldn’t grab a share of the mobile phone market due to tough competition. Their enthusiasm is waning off and the choice to not update Minecraft on Windows 10 phones come as no surprise. The information comes from multiple sources, both from the developer 4J Studios and from other Microsoft related reporting channels including the popular Windows Central.

Microsoft and 4J Studios

Minecraft Pocket Edition on the WP will be available in stores. People can still purchase and play them on the go. However, after the updates that are released so far possibly till the Ender update, no other new maps, packs or content will be released on these phones. It will also not receive any bug fixes making it impossible for players to continue playing if they come across a bug or a glitch.

While it is evident that the user base is slowly waning on the Windows 10 phones, the Minecraft developers claim they find very less number of players onboard and it doesn’t warrant so much attention to build the Pocket Edition one more time. Instead, they will focus their attention on mobile platforms including Android, iOS, PS Vita as well as Minecraft Xbox One, PS4 editions.

An interesting fact is that Minecraft and its parent company Mojang is owned by Microsoft. Despite the fact that they actually have access to all the resources and the ability to ask 4J studios, the mobile version developers to keep supporting Windows phones, they choose not to. It clarifies their stand on how soon the company may completely withdraw from the smartphone market.

Nokia was a strong partner for Windows Phones but the company didn’t reach the audiences as it should and has finally launched an Android phone to join the bandwagon. Microsoft on the other hand is still optimistic that the rumored Surface phone will change things for good. The only practical problem is that iOS and Android have all the apps people need but porting them to newer platforms seems like a drag.


If they can manage to make a good phone and bring developers onboard, it just might work. Mojang has earlier announced that with the Ender Update Minecraft comes to a grand finale and they are possibly working on a project named Minecraft 2.0. It’s the same game but will be a major overhaul offering a new experience for PC, console and mobile gamers.

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