What if Microsoft came up with a product like Google’s Project Fi?

Project Fi

Much like people will tell you to “Google” something when they are actually referring to searching for the same on the web, be it via Google, Bing or any other search engine, you’ll hear the same with Skype when one is asking you to reach out to them via an internet-based video call.

In fact, Skype has become some kind of verb and despite the existence of many other online video calling services, the Microsoft-owned platform remains the granddaddy of them all. In addition to making video calls, you can also make voice calls as well as send text messages via the same platform, which makes it an all-round application as far as internet-based communication is concerned.

Come to think of it, the fact that Skype offers just about every other service you get from other communication platforms coupled with Microsoft’s efforts – although currently fading away – in the smartphone industry could just be what the company needs to come up with something similar to Google’s Project Fi.

Yes, this might be overthinking, but it’d help to know that Project Fi doesn’t have any infrastructure in place. Similarly, Microsoft could turn Skype or whatever name it thinks of into the same thing – an MVNO, taking advantage of other already established carrier’s networks to give users access to phone and data services across the country.

Like Google, Microsoft already has a bunch of smartphones in place, the problem is that there are no efforts to keep these smartphones alive with new models, probably because Android has taken over, literally. But turning to something similar to Project Fi could just be one way the company could revive its smartphone business, especially since there are people out there who still fancy Windows-based phones.

Microsoft WIndows 10, Project Fi

Google is slowly incorporating its other communication services into Project Fi. Over the recent past, we’ve seen Google Voice features make it to Fi and it’s also possible to enjoy Hangouts with Fi. Keep in mind that Hangouts is another staunch competitor to Skype and somehow it has found its way to Project Fi, so why not have such an offering from Microsoft that incorporates all the features of Skype as well as introduces phone and data plans?

Well, this may or may not happen, but we don’t know what the future holds. As for the rest, over to you. Let us know what you think in your comments below.

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