Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, Take Two Says Rockstar Should Decide

Red Dead Redemption 2 look

During a financial call, Take Two Interactive President Karl Slatoff had some good things to say about the PC Gaming platform and the community as a whole.

Times have changed and consoles like PS4 Pro, Xbox One X are aimed at high end computers to offer 4K quality gaming.

Admitting a lot of facts based on sales trends and support rendered by PC gamers, Take Two head said that throughout the years they have seen immense support from players on the platform. “Some games are designed from the scratch with the particular platform in mind. As expected they sell amazingly well on it. Games like Civilization and XCOM are great examples. They continue to be the top selling choices but at the same time, some titles aren’t as popular as they are on the consoles. We make a lot of decisions based on various factors and not just one,” clarified Slatoff.

Continuing his speech during the earnings call, he added that PC gamers are a dedicated lot and they are highly engaged to their medium of entertainment. They are much ahead in terms of adopting newer technologies and are also digitally driven that takes off issues caused by sellers or third parties. Developers directly stay in touch with the gaming community to get updates in time and also focus on delivering what they actually want throughout the development cycle.

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“PC as a market is very important for us. Is one of our core reasons for success and the vibrant market which is equally huge will always interest us. But, we provide great freedom to our developers and it is they who decide what should or shouldn’t be. Rockstar is the big team behind super hit titles like Grand Theft Auto V and Red Dead Redemption 2. If they want to bring it to PC, we will. The updates and announcements will come from our labels,” concluded Slatoff.


Rockstar has a unique way of treating PC gamers even though they came into picture with GTA released on PCs. The company has a bigger focus on the PS4, Xbox One consoles that they released GTA V on all platforms with Windows computers being the last to receive them. However, they added 4K resolution support, first person view and more to keep gamers happy.Red Dead Redemption 2 is likely to launch but it is to be noted that the first game never made it out of the consoles.

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