Microsoft Discounts $100 Off The Xbox One Elite Bundle

Xbox One

Microsoft seems to be a discount spree as the company recently announced that the Xbox One consoles will be sold for $280.

Now, they have discounted the Xbox One Elite bundle as well.

With a cool $100 off, you can now buy the elite version of the Microsoft console for just $349. The fact is that despite the cool looks and the insanely improved version of the controller they bundle the console didn’t sell as much as expected. The brand wanted to make sure they deplete the stocks so that there is enough space for the Xbox One S slim console when it arrives this holiday season.

When the Xbox One Elite bundle was launched, it was priced at $499. Most gamers found it to an expensive purchase because it played the same games at same framerates and didn’t offer any significant improvement. Besides, it is primarily the controller that made all the difference which could be purchased individually for an insane price tag of $150. It had pro level customization options where gamers could remove the D-pad, the rubber pads and had special side buttons to enable faster reactions during intense combat.

Xbox One Elite Bundle

The new $100 discount on the bundle is definitely going to make a huge difference in sales. Most stores have already marked the Xbox One Elite bundle as sold out as soon as the deal went live this weekend. Microsoft has now restocked the suppliers with whatever hardware they have left in their production house.

A good deal about the pack is that along with the Elite controller, the console has a regular Xbox One controller and a free game within. It simply sweetens the deal to an amazing extent. After all, you can now play games with a friend or even connect it to a PC if you like to. The additional game and with so many discounts going in the Xbox store makes it a wholesome purchase for any gamer.

The developers are already gearing up to deliver something exponential next year. Xbox Scorpio, the new generation console capable of delivering 4K gaming is scheduled for launch in 2018. Rumors claim it may take another year to actually come to stores but when it does, Microsoft would have set a new benchmark in the gaming arena. Sony is yet to make an official announcement for its PS4 Neo console which doesn’t do 4K gaming but do 4K video output.

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