Nintendo Working On Next Gen Super Mario Game for New Console

Next Gen Super Mario Game

It’s tough to not get excited when we know that Nintendo is working on reviving the biggest games of all time and also trying to make it a worthy debut for the next generation console.

According to latest updates, a new Super Mario game is under developed and the top developers at Nintendo are working hard to make it spectacular. It is not groundbreaking to know that the company is working on a new Mario game because they do it all the time on almost every platform. But this time, things are different because the entire console industry is changing and the long running developers are supposed to keep their gamers interested.

Consoles like Playstation 4 and Xbox One has already ventured into a different area. All exclusives are now available on PCs as well while Sony is moving the PS4 platform towards virtual reality. Nintendo has a really tough game to play next year when they make the big announcement at E3 2017.

Nintendo Working On Next Gen Super Mario Game

Microsoft has officially launched Xbox Scorpio. If the NX console is announced next year, it might probably compete with Scorpio during holiday sales next year. With all the hype, it is good to know that the Mario developers are not going to give up on the fan favorite plumber yet. All they do is revamp it but we have no idea of how the game would look or play. It is definitely going to be a drastic change from what we have seen in the past few years.

Commenting on the rumor, Miyamoto said, “We are always open to new challenges and are interested in keeping things fun. Our new goal is to create something new with the Mario franchise and do it properly. Our team might probably be able to come up with something at E3 next year.”

Some do believe that Mario will be implemented into virtual reality so as to make it look futuristic. But, it is unclear as to how it will help boost the game’s experience and mechanics. Besides, Nintendo is also going to be extra careful about dealing with their star character. A misplaced franchise may take another year to create a new game and sell it.

Nintendo NX and the power it has to offer will determine how Super Mario takes shape in next generation. We can look forward to it with fingers crossed but the wait is going to be really long.

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