Microsoft Edge Browser for Business Now Runs as a Virtual Machine for Reliable Security

Microsoft Edge Browser for Business

Focusing on those who run a business and big brands is essential.

Microsoft is doing it and soon the Edge browser may have specific features designed to make browsing safe with security features and sandbox mode.

The upcoming Windows 10 Insider Preview Build confirmed that the company is working on a Windows Defender Application Guard for the Microsoft Edge browser. The way people adopt the new browser is pretty slow at the moment but it is not going to affect the overall experience anyway. After all, whenever you install a new version of the Windows, you obviously have to use Edge to download Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or any browser of your choice.

Microsoft Edge Browser

Besides, the increased security features may encourage a lot of users to rely on Edge for their everyday browsing needs. According to the features mentioned in the Application Guard setup, the browser will act like a virtual machine of its own. Even if your browser gets affected by malware and spyware, which is something that happens often due to torrents and other download websites, your computer will be perfectly safe to use at all times.

The addition is a welcome idea any user would appreciate especially in a business environment. With so many files and important data being stored in your PC, it is not advisable to have it overtaken by malware or any other malicious software for that matter. Microsoft will get the job done by using features like new application guard window which is similar to the incognito mode in browsers. Instead of not just avoid history and other cookies, it will also create a virtual machine within which all your browsing experience will be contained.

Windows 10 plays a key role in this accomplishment by the Edge browser. The operating system is equipped with Virtualization Based Security, VBS technology which will allow the Edge to separate itself from storage, apps and the basic Windows 10 kernel for added security. Sandbox is a feature that is provided by many other browsers including Chrome and Firefox but the Application Guard used by Edge is unique because of the hardware container.

Microsoft Edge Browser for Business

The only drawback is that when you use Microsoft Edge browser as a virtual machine, each window will slow down your PC and use all hardware resources. The feature is available only for Enterprise users for now making it exclusive to businesses where system resources is not a problem and security matters the most. Edge now has a PDF reader and Cortana built into it to function individually.