Microsoft Expands Xbox One Wireless Controller Lineup with Ocean Shadow and Winter Forces

Xbox One controllers

Microsoft is keen on offering more options for their ardent gamers.

The already large lineup of designs and color choices of the Xbox One wireless controller has expanded further with two new additions.

While buyers have the option to design a controller as they please, Microsoft continues to launch new designs made by the official Xbox team. The two new wireless controllers unveiled are the Ocean Shadow and the Winter Forces. If you are planning to buy new ones or replace the worn out black controller you already have, these two would offer something unique in terms of its overall finish.

Ocean Shadow Xbox One

The controllers are slightly modified as they belong to the Xbox One S console. The analog sticks are now sharper with a better grip, the sides are trimmed and the devices are now equipped with bluetooth support. You can choose to use any one of these controller with a Windows 10 PC with a bluetooth dongle. There is no need to purchase the Xbox One wireless adapter sold by Microsoft if you are planning to spend most of your time playing single player games.

Describing the Ocean Shadow color variant, Microsoft in their blog said, “A sleek, matte black top dominates the front face of this controller which has a glossy black finish on the analog sticks, D-pad and the buttons. The finish offers much better grip and feels nice when you hold them continuously for extended periods. The black top layer slowly fades into a light blue metallic finish and there are highlights of blue used on the menu and the ABXY buttons completing its overall design.

“The Winter Forces is a tribute to different divisions in the U.S. army. There is already the Midnight Forces, Covert Forces and Armed Forces controllers in the market. While each one of them depicts the type of costume they use and the location, the Winter Forces is inspired by the arctic camo with a combination of light and dark grey accents. They will look great when paired with an Xbox One S console,” reads the blog.

Xbox One controllers

If you find the color variants appealing, you can buy these Xbox One wireless controllers in store on February 7th. The devices are priced at $69.99 similar to other controllers designed by Microsoft. The hardcore people could go for the Gears of War 4 crimson edition while others always have the option to pick any color combination of their choices when buying their next controller.

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