Microsoft Increases Xbox One E3 2017 Briefing Time to Add More Games

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Microsoft is quite confident of their upcoming E3 2017 reveal where they will be revealing the huge Xbox Scorpio console for the first time.

The team has also decided to increase the time of the briefing which is going to be long, really long. Inside sources have confirmed that the E3 event will go for more than 90 minutes. If you are a true gamer who loves the Xbox One titles, this is more than one reason to rejoice. A lot of critics confirmed that they love the platform because of the sheer level of freedom it offers and how it seamlessly syncs with the Windows 10 computers. Besides, when you buy a title like Gears of War 4 or Forza Horizon 3, you can get it on both platforms as once making it a sweet deal for people with gaming PCs.

Xbox Scorpio

However, for a very long time, Xbox One was said to be a potential console that lacked big time in terms of AAA titles. The platform doesn’t have any exclusives like Sony’s Playstation 4 console because Microsoft believes PC gaming is the future. When all platforms come together, it is much easier for the developers to create titles that run at the best resolution and frame rates. The lack of game titles is a consistent complaint which the company might put to rest especially when they say that they have content to showcase for more than 90 minutes. That’s a whole lot of on stage time to fill and Microsoft wouldn’t make such a decision unless they have so many things to talk about, including the powerful Xbox Scorpio console.

Forza Tech

The company will not only discuss the technical specifications of the Xbox Scorpio console but will also talk about its release date, pricing as well as the games that are heading to the machine. The titles will be the same on both the Xbox One and the Scorpio, but the latter will be capable of playing AAA titles in 4K resolution. It’s graphical capabilities is expected to outsmart Sony’s PS4 Pro console in terms of raw performance and the ability to render games at the highest frame rates possible.

It is also being rumoured that the brand may price the Scorpio with a huge price tag of $600 or so which will enable them to make a platform that could run for a couple of years before it needs an upgrade.

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