Microsoft is Not Talking About Xbox Scorpio in Today’s Windows 10 Event

Windows 10 Event

Microsoft is holding a big Windows 10 event today and the Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed that there will be no talks on the Xbox Scorpio during this event.

It is going to be solely focused on the features that are set to arrive for the Windows 10 operating system. And, it could probably be a teaser for a new OS as well. However, the event has nothing to do with Scorpio. The answer came from Phil Spencer when a random gamer asked him on Twitter whether they can expect from news related to the upcoming console.

Xbox Scorpio

Xbox One S has been going on a steady pace and the console has managed to outsell the Playstation 4 for three consecutive months. Despite the fact that the console no longer has any exclusives except for the Halo franchise, it continues to witness great sales. Players also have the option to get cross buy for all games they buy including the newly launched Gears of War 4 and Forza Horizon 3.

A rumor claims that the Microsoft Windows 10 event will be used to reveal software updates and a possible hardware. It could be the new Surface and a Surface Pro but majority of this emerges from supposed rumors that doesn’t have much credibility to it. But, we can’t brush them off completely because when Google launched Pixel, everything about the phone got leaked much earlier.

In their official page, Microsoft has a photograph of the New York City and a statement that says imagine what you’ll do. Tune to see what’s next for Windows 10. Will Microsoft be going for next Windows? If they do, it might be another step in the right direction but we can only hope they make it good this time. Microsoft has a long running habit of hitting the right spots with their second iteration but the first one always turns out more of an experimental operating system.

Windows 10 Event

Such a pattern is evident with Windows XP, Vista, 7 and the 8 followed by the hugely successful Windows 10. Microsoft don’t have any strong hardware launches in the recent past and probably this year could be different. The Surface lineup is going steady but Windows on mobile platforms is still far away from competing with iOS or Android. The OS is yet to get an amazing smartphone or a tablet to show its true potential.The event takes place at 10 AM ET. You can watch it live in their official page.

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