2017 Mercedes AMG E63 Range Officially Revealed Before LA Expo

Mercedes AMG E 63

With the 2017 Mercedes AMG E 63 series, the auto brand aims to set a new benchmark for their supersaloon performance class.

Whenever Mercedes associates itself with AMG to create high performance cars, the company delivers the best models in the segment with groundbreaking speed and performance. The newly revealed E 63 and the E 63 S are no different. They were originally scheduled to be launched at the Los Angeles Motor Show next month. However, the team has decided to bring the reveal much earlier so that they have enough space to promote the model before showing them in person at the expo.

2017 Mercedes AMG E 63 Range

The new E 63 range is designed to compete with the BMW M5 and the Audi RS6. The cars are powered by a 4.0-liter engine and is mated to a 4MATIC all-wheel drive system. It is available across all models in the lineup irrespective of the trimline they belong to. While the series is powered by a less powerful engine when compared to its predecessors, they have been tweaked at the right points to offer better performance, reliability and speed.

The E 63 produces up to 563 horsepower while the S edition delivers about 604 horsepower, allowing them to join some of the fastest cars in the market. Their motors have 750 Nm of torque and 850 Nm of torque respectively. The powertrains are mated to a dual clutch nine-speed automatic transmission system. With the four-wheel drive in place, the 2017 Mercedes AMG E 63 and the E 63 S now has great acceleration. The cars can now go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 3.5 seconds. The top speed is at 186 miles per hour.

Drifting on the E 63 should be an easy affair, said Mercedes in their statement. AMG car owners love to push their cars to their extreme limit and when this particular variant is tested, it should deliver well above its expected level. There’s a Drift mode integrated into the model that allows drivers to switch it to a rear wheel drive and show off some cool moves.

Mercedes AMG E 63

The wheel arches are flared in the front and on the whole, the car looks very aggressive unlike any other model from the past. Carbon fiber trim is one of the chief components the designers have used to build the model and they not only help reduce overall weight but are stylish. Alcantara leather is used for the steering wheel and leather stitching on specific areas for that premium finish. E 63 is priced at £75,000 while the more powerful E 63 S is priced at £83,000. Deliveries for the model will begin by the month of June next year.

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