Microsoft Just Made its Surface Book 2 Cheaper at $1,199 with Lesser Storage Space

Microsoft Just Made its Surface Book 2 Cheaper at $1,199 with Lesser Storage Space

Microsoft is revamping its Surface range of laptops and tablets so as to reach more customers.

The company recently revealed some inexpensive Surface 2 models that cost just $999 and lesser. For users who would prefer the full Windows 10 experience, the Surface Book 2 has received a price cut of $300.

The Windows 10 S edition is very much the same as the original Windows OS but some features may not be available. Ever since Microsoft launched the Surface products, the biggest complaint was its expensive price tag. The brand somehow managed to go above Apple in some of their products and the average buyer was never able to get their hands on the Surface laptop or tablet up until now. In an effort to change their product lineup to better suit customer expectations, Microsoft launched cheaper versions of the Surface Book 2 running on Windows 10 S and has also cut down pricing by reducing storage.

Microsoft Made its Surface Book 2 Cheaper at $1,199

For $1,199 you can buy the 13.5-inch variant of the Surface Book 2 which is powered by the Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB of RAM and has 128GB of storage. In comparison, the previous base line model cost $1,499 which was still expensive and it sported a bigger hard disk space of 256GB. Apple’s Macbook Air and many similarly expensive laptops reduce storage size to make it more affordable. Microsoft has done the same with their new Surface Book 2 model by shaving $300 off its official pricing.

Buyers who were previously interested in owning the Surface laptops or tablets now have more options to go for without burning a hole in their wallet. The company is also working to introduce the product in new countries so as to attract buyers and introduce them to the world of Surface tablets. Many countries where large user population prevails is dominated by brands like Dell, HP, Lenovo among other top laptop manufacturers where Microsoft wants to sell Surface Book 2 and more such products. Making it more affordable is the first step towards attracting more users to check out their premium offering.

Microsoft Made its Surface Book 2 Cheaper at $1,199 with Lesser Storage Space

In their revenue report, Microsoft announced that they are not making much in the Surface lineup of products but it is the only premium hardware to offer great Windows 10 experience and the brand is planning to make it more popular than it is now through different strategies including reduced price and choice of devices.

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