Microsoft Makes an attempt to reshape the PC with Surface Studio  – A Shift To Create and Build Things for Affluent Professionals

Microsoft Surface Studio


Microsoft is taking a step towards shifting the PC to crate and build things, thereby reshaping the personal computer.

The Surface Studio is available from Wednesday for pre ordering and will be offered in a limited quantity for the holidays.

Microsoft Surface Studio

The Creators

Microsoft was the company that put the computer on each desktop, but now it is making an attempt to reshape the PC and shift it towards building things. According to SatyaNadella, the CE of Microsoft, the company represents builders and creators. He sais that this is what Microsoft stands for, in a Windows 10 event with the media recently held in Lower Manhattan.

Fresh Take

One of the examples that proves the above statement is the announcement of Surface Studio in the media event of last Wednesday. Surface Studio is a PC that is meant for creative people and engineers.

Surface Studio

It is a PC with a 28 inches screen monitor having touch screen capabilities. It is connected to the processing base. It can lie almost flat and users can convert it into the digital whiteboard, to be used for creating an engineering blueprint or a storyboard or any other such tasks.

Windows Stays Relevant

The new device was introduced along with several new Windows 10 capabilities, all of which were announced in the Wednesday media event. Microsoft is obviously trying to maintain the Windows platform and keep it relevant, as the PC market is slowly and surely shrinking.

PCs for Creating and Making

According to SatyaNadella, the past ten years have seen much advancement in computing devices. These advancements had brought in different means of consuming media. He said that in the next ten years, there would be several ways in which computers could help create things.

Decline in PC sales

Desktops, which are the dominant devices using Windows, had peaked to a sales of nearly 353 million devices in the year 2011. However, the sales of PCs have steadily come down over the years, according to Gartner, a research firm. Gartner also expects the sales to further come down to around 265 million devices this year. Traditionally, Microsoft has been relying on Dell, HP and some other for building hardware that runs Microsoft. However, now it has turned to the Surface devices for reviving the interest in hardware that is powered by Windows.

Surface Line Up

Earlier, Microsoft had introduced the Surface tablet desktop line up along with the Surface Book, a laptop. Now, it is introducing the Surface Studio, which combines the monitor and computing unit.

For Professionals

According to Panos Panay, the Surface Studio is being offered mainly for professionals and creators. He is the VP overseeing the hardware engineering of the company. Panos Panay claimed at the event that the Surface Studio was aimed at transforming the way professionals worked.

Microsoft Reshape PC with Surface Studio

Pricey Device

However, those professionals will have to be an affluent group of people, as the price of Surface Studio starts at $2999. It is surely not for the masses. A Gartner analyst states that the starving artist can surely not afford the device. According to the Gartner analyst, Microsoft is offering a new reason for the existence of Windows. It is in essence a new message from the company.

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