Nintendo Switch’s Low Resolution Display Could Make Games Look Outdated

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch is going to make its debut in the month of January next year.

The handheld hybrid console is supposed to be a game changer in 2017 but it does have some caveats that the company should look into.

Nintendo Switch

While smartphone and tablet games can never be considered as actual gaming, a device like PS Vita or the Nintendo 3DS has the power to offer kickass gaming on the go. The company did confirm that they are not going to replace the 3DS with the new Switch. The upcoming hybrid console is going to be a standalone device with detachable controllers that allow people to game on the go, as a group or simply hook it up to their television.

Recently, the company confirmed that the console features a large 6.2-inch display. Obviously, it has a 10-point multi-touch capability. Such an amazing touchscreen should have at least 1080p resolution but Nintendo is going for a meager 720p resolution which could make most games look outdated.

The designers have tried to upgrade it from the original 3DS and the Wii U which featured resistive touch screen display. The Switch uses capacitive touch bringing it on par with any latest smartphone but at the same time, using such low resolution for third party game titles could lead to lowered quality.

“While it is evident that the team wants to offer the best battery life for gamers on the go, they have made a huge compromise in resolution. Mario, Zelda and other first party titles may not look so bad but if Skyrim and other modern AAA titles launch on Nintendo Switch, it might look more like older generation consoles,” opined people in the Nintendo’s Reddit group.

Nintendo Switch Low Resolution

Bethesda in their statement announced that they have not confirmed the availability of their titles on the new handheld console. If third party developers once again ditch Nintendo Switch, it might never become as popular as it is supposed to be. People do love Mario, Donkey Kong, Zelda and Pokemon games. But, in order to succeed, the amazing hybrid concept should receive all the best games.

The Tegra processor in it is more than capable of running almost all AAA titles. Nintendo has to ensure they bring all developers and publishers on board. PS Vita is already out of the market and with no competition in sight, the Switch could be the game changing console that ardent gamers are looking for, if Nintendo heeds to their requests.


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