Microsoft Outlook Now Got Google Calendar Support on Apple Mac

Apple Mac

It’s tough to read because there are too many top brands in a single news.

Microsoft’s Outlook emailing platform will now support Google Calendar because a large group of people use it and it will work on Apple’s Mac machines.

The time is gone when Apple and Microsoft used to be arch rivals. You may not be able to spot any software being shared by these platforms. Things that work on the Windows computer will never run on Macintosh. However, people are demanding more every day and it has become mandatory to provide the best services under one roof. The company’s joined hands and even Google is already part of the partnership to allow users to enjoy a seamless experience.

Google Calendar in Outlook

With the latest update, Google Calendar and Contacts will be supported by Microsoft Outlook on Mac. The thing with Google is that, they also own Android the largest mobile platform in the world. People tend to use their phones all the time to sync calendar events and almost all their contacts are stored on the Google Drive cloud service. It is mandatory for anyone to be able to access them on a wide range of devices right from their Android Phone to Windows PC and of course the Macintosh as well.

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Instead of having to do it on a different computer or on your phone, it is now possible to make changes to the Google Calendar within Outlook. As it is synced to the cloud, the changes will be made across all platforms and will efficiently provide you with the updates you need. The addition also allows users to make use of the Focused Inbox feature, a service provided by Microsoft. It brings important stuff like travel booking and package deliveries to the forefront so that you don’t miss any of them in the huge pile of mail in your inbox.

Apple Mac

Those who are already signed up for the Microsoft’s Office Insider Fast Program have witnessed the new service. They were able to easily make use of Google Calendar and Contacts. However, those who are signed up for Office 365 will have to wait for a couple of months as the feature won’t be rolled out anytime soon. But, when it does it will make things easy for Mac users who own an Android phone or use Google cloud services for their daily tasks. Syncing contacts is also a plausible move as people no longer store their contacts on the phone and being able to readily access them makes it much easier.

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