Nintendo New Switch Game Console to Get Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers

Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers

According to news from Capcom, Ultra Street Fighter II- The Final Challengers will be coming to Nintendo Switch Console on 26th May.

The price of the game will be around $40. The Final Challengers offers the updated version to the earlier Street Fighter II, which was the original game that pushed this series into the mainstream awareness during the 1990s.

Street Fighter II

What’s New?

It will offer the feature of Evil Ryu and the Violent Ken both in one game, which was not seen earlier. Also, players can now opt for the pixel graphics or a more modern and refined look. In addition, the game also offers a first person mode, which makes use of the motion controls of the JoyCon controllers, namely the Way of the Hado.

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Other Options

However, serious gamers might prefer to opt for Pro Controllers, because the aforementioned JoyCon controllers may not offer the best gamepads in case of a conventional fighting game like the Ultra Street Fighter II.

Iconic Game

The Ultra Street Fighter II is one of the iconic games in the fighting genre and its comeback to the Nintendo Switch Gaming console is welcome news for gaming fans. The Final Challengers offers all the original characters, but offers several other multiplayer features. All the original bosses and the fighters are present among the characters. Evil Ryu and the character Violent Ken are the new additions made after about twenty years.

Nintendo Switch

Way of Hado Mode

The player can make use of the JoyCon motion controls in this mode, offering a new first person single player’s experience. Here the player can try defeating Shadaloo army with the use of special moves, namely the Hadouken and the Shoryuken moves.

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Other Interesting Features

Ultra Street Fighter 11 on the Nintendo Switch gaming console also allows players to team up with friends and take on CPU opponents in the mode of the Dynamic Battle. New character combinations can be created for attacking the CPU on either side. The local multiplayer mode can be used for battling with friends or the gamer can fight online in the Ranked and Casual match. You can also browse through the digital artbook having 1500 illustrations on 250 pages, showing the thirty-year history of the Street Fighter.

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A Perfect Fit

The Ultra Street Fighter II is considered to be a perfect fit for Nintendo. Nintendo has the reputation of catering to a large audience of gamers and Ultra Street Fighter II will be the perfect fit for the platform. The game is based on the Street Fighter Turbo, along with some new elements being added to it. Something old has been brought in with new seasoning.

Ultra Street Fighter II The Final Challengers

Two Art Styles

The Nintendo Switch caters to a broad audience, with people who had played the original game of Street Fighter 2 on the Super Nintendo being accustomed to the old style of graphics. These players are now older and have kids coming into the game. The retro graphics offer a nostalgic value to older players reminding them of the original game. The present HD graphics appeal to kids, so both parents and children can play the game together.

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