Microsoft Skype to Have a New Insider Build for Messaging Everywhere Service


Earlier in the month of April, Microsoft announced that the users can send and receive text messages from their PCs with a Windows 10 version through the Windows 10 Insider Preview.

The Redmond giant had even introduced the “Messaging Everywhere” feature as a part of the Anniversary Update of Windows 10 in August. However, the company later scrapped off the feature as they felt that the Skype app offered a better experience.


Microsoft is bringing back the same “Messaging Everywhere” feature to Skype with an Insider Preview build 14926 for Windows 10. This update to Skype Preview will allow the users to send and receive all the text messages from their phone via the Skype app on the PC. This feature is very similar to iMessage from Apple, wherein the users will find cross-platform integration. The Messaging Everywhere feature reportedly combines text messages and instant messages, all in a single view. This helps the users to check all the messages seamlessly. It also avoids a lot of confusion and helps prevent clutter.

Thanks to the new integration, the users can now send even media attachments through Skype. However, to utilize this feature, the users will have to set the Skype app with the updated Insider Preview feature as their primary SMS by going to the app’s settings.

Microsoft is planning on bringing the SMS relay service in the upcoming months to the public with a few new features that include the addition of a contact button, the ability to hide conversations, support for the Skype URIs, and many such improvements. The updated features have not yet received any specific date for release. However, the users can send and receive messages through the latest version of Skype Preview for PC and mobile devices by using the Insider program.

Features offered by Windows 10 for Skype Insider Preview

Microsoft has detailed a list of new features that the users can look forward to while using Insider Preview feature updated Skype with Windows 10.

  1. Improved Messaging Service

With the improved messaging service, the users can now see the sent message status, preview a URL in a chat, copy and paste the quoted messages, use keyboard shortcuts, video messaging, drag and drop URLs from browsers, drag and drop files and photos, preview URL in a chat, and line indicator for read/unread messages.

  1. Calling Made Easy

The users can now make calls or start having conversations from the Skype profile page. Even in group calls, the calls can be continued even if the initiator of the call leaves. Other improvements include a better loudspeaker and better audio/video device settings.

Skype Messaging Everywhere

  1. Other Updates for Windows Mobile

The additional updates that have been introduced for the Windows Mobile include improved navigation of the back button, transparent tile, and default loudspeaker for video calls.

By introducing the new Messaging Everywhere feature, Microsoft has made it evident that it wants Skype to have an all-rounded function i.e., not only as the video-calling service but also as a messaging platform for the users of Windows 10.

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