Microsoft Surface Phone to Launch by the End of 2016

Microsoft Surface Phone 2016

After dropping the Lumia series, the software king Microsoft is all set to offer a new series of premium smartphones under the Surface brand.

While earlier rumors speculated the arrival of these smartphones in 2017, there are speculations that these handsets may actually roll out by the end of 2016 around October with many high-end features. The company has slated this release along with that of two other Surface offerings – the Surface Book 2 and the Surface Pro 5. The Surface Phone can be easily interfaced with both desktop computers and laptops. It will also be compatible with a plethora of Microsoft’s key product range like the Xbox One. As Chris Capossela, the company’s chief marketing officer hinted in December 2015 about the development of the handset, the Microsoft Surface Phone packed in the size of a smartphone will have the same power as that of a full-sized computer.

As per a report featured in Windows Central, the manufacturer will make its smartphone available in three options of configurations and price ranges for the higher end segment. Codenamed Juggernaut Alpha, the phone will be available as variants of 4 GigaByte RAM with 32 GigaByte storage, 6 GigaByte RAM with 128 GigaByte storage and 8 GigaByte RAM with 512 GigaByte storage. Based on the user’s choice of configuration, the price could vary between $799 and $1,099 which could make it far more expensive than even an iPhone. Branding the gadget as a business phone, Microsoft has clearly stated that its target audience comprises consumers, enthusiasts and business oriented people. All three phones will be loaded with the most recent version of Windows 10 operating system at the time of their release.

Microsoft Surface Phone

Speaking at Microsoft’s BUILD 2016 conference, the Executive Vice President of Microsoft’s Windows and Devices Group, Terry Mason stated that Windows Phone was not the right way to reach out to a large group of phone customers. Xbox and HoloLens were absolutely essential to get exciting and new things done on the device. Giving a hint about the upcoming Surface Phone, he added that it will be an important part of their product line. The new Surface Phone will have an interface that is based on the current Surface devices from the company and is expected to be developed by the same team that worked on the earlier Surface Book and Surface Pro. According to various news leaks, the Surface Phone will feature an Intel x86 processor and support programs such as USB Type C port for quick data transfers and Continuum. Added to this, the x86 processor will be capable of executing both Windows Store apps and Win32 apps so that the phone can function like a personal computer.

If the Windows Central report is to be given serious consideration, the Surface Phone will not have a full metal body. Rather it will feature a composite material or plastic body. The composite material is anticipated to be a combination of magnesium and aluminum. Although prototype testing is being done in the manufacturer’s Redmond laboratory, there is absolutely no clue of how the phone will finally look. Going by the PC Tablet report, the phone will showcase a 5.5-inch AMOLED display screen with a 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution. The interesting aspect is that there is a good chance of the phone being accompanied by the Surface Pen branded accessory that will be termed as Windows Ink. This pen can be used with sticky notes, map related apps, Adobe Illustrator CC and a sketchbook with digital rulers that can be used for doodling.

Although there have been no widespread talks about the specifications of the front and rear cameras, the preliminary reports claim that the Surface Phone will house an 8MP Zeiss wide-angle front lens and a 21MP PureView rear lens. The PureView lens is Nokia’s trademark and was first tried out on its Lumia 1020 handset.

To sum up, there are high expectations that the Surface Phone will have some unique features to offer just like its Surface Book counterpart. Although the company gave way to disappointment with Microsoft not unveiling the handset at the 2016 Mobile World Conference, it has only paved way for increased expectations from the new Windows phone among the public.

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  1. The latest rumblings peg the release of the Surface Pro 5, Surface Book 2 and Surface Phones in 2017 to coincide with the release of the updated version of Windows 10.

    If the devices are released with the current software, buyers will have to upgrade at a later date.

    Extending the release into 2017 would give Microsoft more time to debug both hardware and software in an attempt to prevent a repeat of the fiascos that occurred with the releases of the Surface Pro 4, Surface Book and the 950/950XL.

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