Sony Xperia Z Series to Get Android Marshmallow Update

Sony Xperia Z1 Series

Sony is one of the biggest names in the smartphones arena. Since the start, when the first mobile phones were released, the company created amazing phone models.

Sony Xperia Z series has proven to be one of their best products so far and now that most of their smartphones are getting updated to the latest OS, Android Marshmallow, it will definitely improve the user experience.

Seven months ago, Android Marshmallow was introduced in the market. However, not all smartphones immediately received the update. Still, an update for Sony Xperia Z series users was already expected, although there was no announcement made during that time, on which smartphones will receive it.

The long wait is over since it is finally announced that the update will be available on select models of the Sony Xperia Z2, Xperia Z3 and Xperia Compact series. The update on Xperia smartphones will only be available for models Xperia Z2 D6503 version, Xperia Z3 Compact D5803 version and Xperia Z3 DD6603 version since these are the only models that are included in the beta program.

If your phone does not belong to these models, there’s no need to be disappointed, since the update will be available for the other models too. This means that the other Z series users will also experience the amazing features Android Marshmallow has to offer in the near future.

Sony Xperia Z1 and Z1 Compact already received the updates while the other mobile phones included in the Z series are still waiting for an update. Sony Xperia Z5 already received automatic update to Android M. Although some Sony Xperia users are still hoping for the release of Sony Xperia Z6, it’s been announced that Z5 will be last of the series. So what does the update to Android Marshmallow mean to the Sony Xperia Users? Well, with the new features added to Android M allows the users to save power and prolong the battery life of their smartphones using the Doze mode.

Sony Xperia Z1

Added security through fingerprint sensor gives the users extra protection. The downside is that Sony Xperia Z2 doesn’t have finger print sensor feature. Nonetheless, the other smartphones in the Xperia Z Series can use this smart feature. This feature helps protect your phone from being accessed by unauthorized users. It also makes transactions through Google Pay safer.

There’s great improvement when it comes to the User Interface. Those who were already able to update to Android Marshmallow are amazed since it is more user-friendly compared to the previous versions.

App stand by feature disables apps that are not in use automatically. This allows the users save power and prolong battery life. To check which apps are not in use, Android Marshmallow users can go to settings, click developer options and choose Inactive apps to view which apps are not in use.

The new updates Android Marshmallow offers are truly helpful, especially for Sony Xperia Z series users. It is no wonder everyone is excited receiving the update on their phone. And with the update rolling out this week, Sony Xperia users will soon enjoy the amazing features it has. Android Marshmallow is truly a leap of an achievement for Google, with unique features, which every Sony Xperia user should enjoy and not miss out.

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