Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is Getting a Reboot Next Week 

Microsoft Surface Pro

We’ve had the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 for close to two years now and during this time, we’ve also heard a lot about the Surface Pro 5, the alleged successor to the highly successful Pro 4.

Last year, it was highly anticipated that Microsoft will be releasing a new Surface Pro 5, but things did not materialize at an event that was held towards the end of the year. When the Redmond Company failed to give the Surface Pro 4 a reboot back then, rumors started trickling in, claiming that the new slate will be here in early 2017.

As at the time of this writing, we are midway into Q2 2017, yet there are still no signs of the Surface Pro 5. But there’s finally some good news coming in courtesy of the usual suspect, Evan Blass. According to the Venture Beat reporter, Microsoft will be holding an event on Monday next week, which he notes that is a May 23, but it’s actually May 22.

During this event, the widely anticipated Surface Pro 4 successor will be released, but according to the experienced tipster, the tech giant has no room for the Surface Pro 5. In fact, the Windows OS maker will be dropping the number in the name of the slate and instead simply call it the Surface Pro.

Microsoft Surface Pro

With the current Surface Pro 4 boasting a decent 10-inch display screen, we expect Microsoft to do the same with the refreshed version. Blass has obtained a series of images of the new tablet and indeed the new model has lots of design similarities when compared to its predecessor. Where the major upgrades really are is on the inside, Blass notes, a trait that is common with Apple’s S models of the iPhone.

Buyers of the refreshed Microsoft Surface Pro 4 will also have an array of accessories to enjoy, among them a Pen and keyboard, all of which will be available in up to four different color variants. As for now, the pricing and specifications details are still unknown, but they should be out when the slate is made public next week, Blass concludes.