Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is the Perfect Alternative to the Pricey Apple MacBook Pro 2016

Despite the ever-growing smartphone industry, there are many people out there who are still in search of a perfect laptop for their day-to-day use. In fact, some have been eagerly waiting for months for Apple to unveil the new MacBook Pro 2016, which came to life in the month of October and started shipping in November.

In case you missed the launch of the MacBook Pro 2016, the device came in two sizes – two 13-inch models and a larger, premium 15-inch model. If anything, the three are the best in Apple’s MacBook Pro lineup, especially when looking at how slim and powerful they are. Apple successfully bid goodbye to the standard USB ports in favor of the latest USB-C ports and went a step further to include an OLED Touch Bar on the premium model. This bar takes the place of the traditional function keys row that occupied the top part of the keyboard.

When looking at the two MacBook Pro 2016 models, one would easily pick out the high-end 15-inch variant thanks to its specs and features (OLED Touch bar being one of the major features used on the larger model but dropped on the 13-inch model). However, the price conscious buyers will still be mulling over whether to go with the $1800 13-inch model or make the jump to the $2400 high-end model, which also comes with the ability to customize further and carry home a RAM of 16GB and Core i7 processor. If none of these fits the bill and you still want a MacBook Pro 2016, the only other option is to go for the $1500 variant, which is one of the 13-inch models that doesn’t come with a Touch Bar (one variant of the 13-inch model ships with an OLED Touch Bar, just like the 15-inch model).

2016 MacBook Pro Touché App

Apple is known for its high pricing plans, but does the fact that this year’s MacBook Pro comes with an OLED Touch Bar make the laptops worth these price tags? Well, probably yes, at least for some. According to Apple, the MacBook Pro 2016 recorded the highest demand for any notebook sold by the company in the recent launch windows. Considering the hype the laptop had received prior to its launch, this unprecedented demand was expected.

Well, if you haven’t made your decision on whether to buy a MacBook Pro 2016 or not, you might want to be more careful with the choice. For starters, the high-end MacBook Pro would be the most preferred choice for many, especially due to the Touch Bar. Here, you have two options – $1800 for the 13-inch model or $2400 for the 15-inch model. However, it is hard to justify the price of the laptop, especially if all you need is a device that takes you through simple day-to-day tasks that have nothing to do with graphic designing, for instance.

Looking at it from the price perspective, shelling out $1800 for a laptop is quite outrageous, especially when there are lots of other amazing alternatives out there that can give you more than what you get with the MacBook Pro 2016, including portability and affordability. We are talking about the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 hybrid tablet that can also function as a full laptop when attached to a keyboard.

Even though slightly weaker with its Intel Core M3 processor, this entry-level Surface Pro 4 is capable of more than you can think of, yet it is priced ($649) at less than half the price of the entry-level MacBook Pro 2016. If this is less powerful for you, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has the Core i7/16GB RAM model selling at $1599 while the Core i5/8GB model is valued at $1,099.

MacBook Pro 2016 Alternative

There is no doubt that the MacBook Pro 2016 is a great laptop, but the high prices can be scary for many out there, especially when there are other decent options like the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 and others in the market. All that Microsoft needs to do is up its game as far as apps are concerned and it will be up there taking out the MacBook Pro, but every choice you make here is dependent on what you really need a laptop for.

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