Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Getting a Pearl Black Variant this Week

Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge has been the most interesting phone when looking at the two flagships released by the company earlier in the year.

In fact, the love for the phone has seen the company reportedly shift its design language for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8, with reports claiming that no flat screen version will be released. It is the same success of the Galaxy S7 Edge that also led to a curved dual-edge Samsung Galaxy Note 7, although the company reportedly tested both flat and curved screens for the handset. Nonetheless, the handset did not last much in the market.

In order to keep Samsung Galaxy Note 7 fans busy, the tech giant introduced a Blue Coral version of the Galaxy S7 Edge. This is the same color variant that had made the Galaxy Note 7’s demand rise above expectations, but apparently, Samsung now wants to get back at Apple’s jet black color variant that has also made the latest iPhone 7 and 7 Plus command such a huge demand in the smartphone market, despite the lack of major innovative features.

If reports coming from South Korea are to be believed, we’ll see a pearl black Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge come to life tomorrow, December 9, 2016. Apparently, Samsung will be launching this color variant in its own territory, but there is no confirmation on when the same color variant will start shipping to other regions, including the U.S., the UK and the rest of the world.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Interestingly, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge already comes with a black color variant, but this is an Onyx model. When compared to the new pearl black, you will for sure notice slight differences with your naked eye, but this might not be enough to convince some “color blind” buyers. Perhaps, the most intriguing part of the new Galaxy S7 Edge is the fact that it drops the idea of having 32GB onboard storage in favor of a larger 128GB storage option.

Other than these changes to the color and storage, the rest of the specs will remain the same, including the amazing experience the phone offers with its Edge software.

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