Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Will Set a New Benchmark with 4K Display, Arrives in March 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 March 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is coming soon and when it does it will set a new benchmark for laptop computing with a large 4K display.

It is expected to arrive in March 2017.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

The company has been regularly refreshing the Surface Book but the original Surface Pro needs a big overhaul which is what the new product is expected to do. According to an update by Windows Latest, the new 2-in-1 laptop is scheduled to be announced in March 2017 and might hit dealership stores in the same month or a couple of weeks later. Either way, they are going to give Apple a tough fight which is going in a completely new direction by getting rid of all the ports on their MacBook Pro and introducing as many adapters as possible.

The new update comes from a reliable source, a supplier named Pegatron who is in charge supplying components for Microsoft products. Based on the order and specifications they have received, the supplier confirmed that the new Surface Pro 5 will sport a large display with ultra HD resolution. The 4K resolution screen is no longer a luxury for creators but an essential addition that provides more screen space to work with. It will also include a new stylus and better hardware specifications to handle multimedia software programs.

For the first time since its launch, the hybrid laptop will have USB Type-C port in it. The new product will also be bundled with Creators Update that allows them to make it truly made for the professionals. In terms of pricing, they seem to be going with a more affordable approach for the entry level models. The base model of the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is expected to be at $899 but going the 4K way will obviously cost you more. The higher end model will set you back by $1,599.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 March 2017

It is to be noted that the flagship model of the Surface Pro 5 sports nearly the same price as the entry level model of Apple MacBook Pro without a touchscreen navigation bar. Both companies are going head on but are catering to completely different set of audience. There may some unique features and add-ons that we are unaware of. Microsoft is expected to talk about them during launch date and it could be the unique sales point for this 2-in-1 laptop hybrid. 2017 is going to be a year full of technological upgrades and we hope some of them would truly impress us.

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