Lineage OS Nightlies, the CyanogenMod 13 Update Launched on OnePlus 3, Redmi Note 3 and HTC 10

CyanogenMod 13

With the Cyanogen Mod 13 and its versions out of the race, Lineage OS Nightlies has taken up its place on the One Plus 3, Redmi Note 3, HTC 10 among other devices.

The development team has managed to bring it to so many devices this early which is a surprising feat for such a fairly new setup.

One Plus 3

The CyanogenMod 13 is the next best thing to get to replace Android with a bunch of customized features, visual modifications and improve overall performance. Bidding goodbye to the mod is no easy task as it has been part of many prominent flagship phones and the Lineage OS Nightlies promises to continue the tradition. The new OS is designed to seamlessly work with the previous version of the now discontinued CyanogenMod and has been released on a whole lot of devices at once.

The latest version of the modified operating system is now available on the flagship OnePlus 3, HTC One M8, HTC 10, Redmi Note 3. At this rate, we expect it to be available on more than a dozen phones but the numbers could even be larger as there is no official announcement to confirm the same. Based on its compatibility, the Lineage OS Nightlies is CyanogenMod 14.1. A report from Phandroid also confirmed that unlike previous versions, there aren’t multiple iterations of the OS made available on the XDA forums as Cyanogen used to be.

When flashing the beta version of the program on your device, it is important to know that you are doing it with your consent. Your device may have some performance issues, bugs among other problems that will be fixed by the developers in a future release. Tech savvy people will have no issues tinkering with their phone. Make sure it is not your primary device and backup all your data before you do so.

CyanogenMod 13

For everyone else, there is always the official Android 7.0 Nougat heading to all major phones released in 2016. Motorola is easily the best company that brings newer operating systems as soon as possible while Samsung is the slowest at the moment. However, all users will eventually receive the latest version of the Android operating system. Those who prefer something more than the bundled features and options, the Lineage OS Nightlies is a great pick and it replicates the experience from CyanogenMod 13 allowing you to seamlessly use it, especially if you have been using it for many years.

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