Microsoft Surface Pro 5 gets a Serious Rival as Intel Patents Detachable Curved Display Device

MacBook Pro 2016 vs Surface Pro 5

There is no doubt that Microsoft and Intel have had some fond memories together, however, the two are set to be the biggest rivals in the 2-in-1 tablet industry after it emerged that Intel has just patented a device that has a lot in common with the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5.

Of course, Intel and Microsoft still work together on certain aspects, but the rivalry between the two is evident. In fact, it’s going to get tougher in the coming days if the latest patent leak is anything to go by. As it is, Intel has plans to unveil a 2-in-1 hybrid tablet that will take on the Microsoft Surface Pro 5 when it comes out somewhere in Q2 2017.

According to The Leaker, Intel has filed a patent for an electronic device that features a detachable display unit similar to the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5. The fact that the American company is going the detachable way is enough to justify the claim that Microsoft will sweat for its money as far as the Surface Pro 4 successor is concerned.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 vs Intel

But unlike Microsoft, Intel wants to make things more interesting by adding a curved display panel, something that has yet to appear on any of the former’s Surface tablets. From the leaked images, the configuration has lots of similarities with Microsoft’s Surface Pro lineup. However, the curved display is the major difference between the two. Given the popularity of curved screens in the recent past, the choice made by Intel is based on obvious reasons.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 vs Intel

Rumor has it that the upcoming Microsoft Surface Pro 5 competitor from Intel will have a keyboard that is powered separately. This means that it will ship with its own battery alongside a separate storage space and processor as well. Many expected to see the Surface Pro 5 come out last year, but it did not. The reason for the delay is because Microsoft was waiting for Intel to get the next-gen processors ready, but don’t be surprised if the curved Intel tablet debuts an even better processor that will make the device more unique when compared to the Pro 5 and other hybrids.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 vs Intel

Despite the leaked patents, there is no word on when we can expect to see this Intel tablet. As for Microsoft Surface Pro 5, rumor has it that the device will be here somewhere in April, but the Redmond Company hasn’t confirmed this detail just yet.

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