Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors Begin to Trickle In – eSIM Technology for the Business Device

Surface Pro 5

Rumors have started trickling in about Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5, suggesting that the eSIM technology will be used for this business device, to be released in March 2017.

Surface Pro 4 Anniversary

The Surface Pro 4 is nearing the first anniversary, so fans and tech lovers have already started looking forward to the successor, the Surface Pro 5. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 has sold about ten times more when compared to the earlier Surface Book, so it is only expected that the company will be offering a sequel.

Surface Pro 4

Support for eSIM

Rumors regarding Microsoft’s Surface Pro 5 have been surprisingly few, but the latest update on the device comes through Dr. Windows, a popular German publication of Microsoft. Sources connected with Dr. Windows claim that the upcoming Surface Pro 5 will offer support for eSIM.

Partnering with Transatel

The rumors claim that Microsoft is partnering with global providers, Transatel for the eSIM sale on Microsoft stores. In order to make this partnership useful, it is necessary that there are some devices supporting eSIM. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 or the Surface Book do not have this hardware.

According to Dr.Windows publication, it is likely that the Surface Pro 5 as well as the Surface Book 2 will come with eSIM. The publication is a top-notch technological outlet and has several insider connections.

Benefits of eSIM

eSIM can offer several advantages to a mobile contract. Though the technology has caught on slowly, eSIM can standardize the SIM cards used in devices based on the hardware. This unification will give greater freedom to customers while opting for data providers.

Benefits for Surface Pro 5

In case of Surface Pro 5, the benefits will be doubled, as it enables internet accessibility without tethering to hotspots. It will also help international travellers, as the cards are universal, so travellers don’t need to buy another SIM when going overseas. eSIM is capable of automatic switches to the country’s plan. Though the advantages might not seem much as far as the average customer of mobile phones is concerned, it could be of great benefit to business consumers that Microsoft usually attracts.

Latest CPU

There is not much else that is known about the upcoming Surface Pro 5. The tablet to be released in 2017 is expected to come with the latest CPUs, the Intel Kaby Lake, along with the latest features like the USB C.

March Arrival

Surface Pro 5

In October 2017, some people in the know regarding the Windows 10 stated that there were references to the Windows 10 version 1703. It was known as the Creators Update and earlier termed as Redstone 2, and was supposed to be launched on the 17th of March in 2017. At the time, it was said that the Windows version was delayed so that it could support the next generation of Windows 10, supposedly including the Surface Pro 5 devices.

This seems to indicate a March or spring release for the upcoming Surface Pro 5 devices. The major update for the Windows 10 software had very deliberately been delayed to March of 2017 in order to coincide with a launch of a new hardware device.

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