Microsoft Surface Pro 5 Rumors and News Roundup – What to Expect

MacBook Pro 2016 vs Surface Pro 5

Many had anticipated that Microsoft will unveil the Surface Pro 5 this second half of the year to take over from the still-capable Surface Pro 4, however, this has yet to materialize.

If you hopes are still high that the Surface Pro 5 is indeed coming, you might be a little disappointed to know that the Redmond Company might be having contrary plans. Apparently, sources close to the matter claim that the hybrid tablet will be unveiled in 2017. The good side of the story is that this long wait might be worth it as a list of massive upgrades and features have been highlighted by reliable sources and we have discussed them below.

Release date

Now that the launch of the Surface Pro 5 during this second half of 2016 is out of the question, experts are adamant that the device will come together with the next major Windows 10 upgrade slated for early 2017. The delay is being caused by Microsoft’s desire to have the next-gen Intel Kaby Lake SoC inside the Pro 5 slate and according to reports, this processor will only be ready for next year’s releases.


As noted above, the main reason why the Surface Pro 5 is not yet out is because of the Kaby Lake processor. Apparently, this chipset has been optimized to deliver maximum performance while at the same time consuming minimal power. As a result, this will mean you end up with a much better battery life than what the previous Surface Pro 4 offers.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

The device will ship with Windows 10 Redstone 2 update on board. There will also be USB Type-C ports alongside a NVIDIA graphics unit.

Two variants

Microsoft is reportedly looking at two variants for the Surface Pro 5 – a 2K and 4K display option. Of course, the latter variant will be the premium offering, but expect it to attract an even higher price tag when compared to its 2K counterpart. The differences are also expected to be felt on the inside, with the 2K model probably coming with an i5 processor as opposed to the i7 of the 4K model.

Given that Microsoft has not yet confirmed any of these rumors, we advise that you take the info with a grain of salt. Still, we will keep tracking the matter and bring you the most up to date details about this Surface Pro 5 hybrid tablet.

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