Samsung Begins Works on Galaxy S8 – Rumored Galaxy S8 Edge+ to Replace Galaxy Note 7

Samsung Galaxy S8

A new report has just surfaced with claims that Samsung Galaxy S8 is already under construction. This is an interesting development especially after the Galaxy Note 7 production was stopped by the Korean tech giant due to many explosions resulting from using the flagship.

Apparently, there is a Galaxy S8 ROM in development, but this is only being done with a number of markets at the back of the developers’ minds. These regions include the U.S., UK, Germany, China, Italy, France, Poland as well as the home country of Korea. This doesn’t mean that those in other regions will not be treated to this new device, however, the list is expected to grow once a stable version of the ROM is pushed out.

As for the specs, previous leaks have shown that the Galaxy S8 will be packed with a new Exynos 8895 or Snapdragon 830 alongside support for Daydream VR. It has recently emerged that the S Voice will be replaced by Viv AI assistant, but this will have to wait until 2017. As for the display, Samsung already showcased a 5.5-inch UHD screen with curved edges a few months ago – it is this screen that will be used on the Galaxy S8 Edge while the standard Galaxy S8 will remain with a QHD display, albeit a curved one.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will reportedly be here at its usual time – during the MWC 2017 – an event that will be held on February 26. This year the company unveiled the Galaxy S7 a day earlier than the event and if the same trend is kept, we may see the phone unveiled on February 25th. This quashes away earlier rumors that had claimed the phone may be released earlier so as to curb the Galaxy Note 7 problem.

Speaking of Samsung Galaxy Note 7, fresh reports have emerged suggesting that Samsung is looking for ways to repair its damaged image – an image that has been tarnished by the exploding Note 7. To do so, the South Korean tech company will take a drastic step of completely discontinuing the Galaxy Note series in a bid to put the entire fiasco behind it.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+

This is indeed a strange move considering that the Galaxy Note series is one of the most successful models in the company’s history. Now that there are claims of neglected plans for rolling out a Galaxy Note 8 in 2017, many will still be happy to deal with a Samsung phone that boasts some, if not all, of the goodies that are unique to the Galaxy Note series, led by the S Pen.

As noted above, there are already two Samsung Galaxy S8 units in production, however, new reports are pointing towards a Samsung Galaxy S8 Edge+ model, something almost similar to the Galaxy S6 Edge+. However, unlike the Galaxy S6 Edge+ that shared the same size as the Galaxy Note 5, specs, and a number of features but did not carry the S Pen, this 2017 Galaxy S8 Edge+ will come with this Note-centric feature.

The Plus-sized Galaxy S8 variant will reportedly borrow a leaf from Apple and sport a dual-lens camera setup as well as keep the iris scanning technology and Edge software that featured on the Galaxy Note 7. Furthermore, a 5.7-inch 4K display is expected, which will put it on the same level as the 5.5-inch Galaxy S8 Edge.

Keep in mind that this is just a rumor and nothing has yet to be confirmed. In fact, we still have almost a year before Samsung thinks of whether or not to replace the Galaxy Note 7 with a new Galaxy Note 8 or do away with the Note series altogether.

2 thoughts on “Samsung Begins Works on Galaxy S8 – Rumored Galaxy S8 Edge+ to Replace Galaxy Note 7”

  1. Excellent report and although a rumor I would welcome such a strategic move by Samsung . An S8, S8 Edge and S8 Edge + with a stylus! Cool..

  2. Hopefully, the customers who were EXTREMELY at a disadvantage for purchasing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, will be permitted to be the FIRST in line to exchange whichever phone they HAD to choose to replace their note 7. This was a fiasco, and I can only hope these individuals are first in mind when a new phone is available. I would certainly hope customers are NOT held to their 2 year contracts, and are elidgible to trade in early, as this was of no fault of the consumer. For example, I have to choose a phone THAT I DO NOT WANT, to replace my 7. I would hope I am not held to TWO YEARS to be able to upgrade to a phone I had chosen to begin with. If this is the case, and I am forced to wait 2 years, this will be my final straw to go the Apple route.

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