Microsoft to Unveil Surface Pro 5 in Spring with 16GB RAM and 7th-Gen Intel SoC

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

It is now obvious that Microsoft will be delaying the release of the Surface Pro 5 hybrid tablet. This means that this device will not be here this year as previous reports had suggested.

According to the latest reports, the new Surface Pro 5 might be released in Spring 2017. Even though some experts were adamant that the device will be released this year, there were still some uncertainties over the chipset that will power the laptop. Some pointed to the current 6th-gen Intel processor, but others were solid that the company will want to ship the gizmo with a new chipset.

Well, it turns out that the latter group might just have had it their way as the fact that Microsoft wants to use the latest 7th-gen Intel chipset on the Surface Pro 5 will mean the device’s release date is delayed. The chipset dubbed Kaby Lake, is believed to the best in the market so far and since it is not yet ready, Microsoft would prefer to delay the release of the laplet just to take advantage of the SoC’s power when it is finally here.

Intel says that the Kaby Lake processors will draw less power when compared to the current generation Intel processors. The result of this will be less battery usage and as such longer battery life for the Surface Pro 5. To make sure that the performance achieved by the hybrid laptop is the best, Microsoft will be shipping it with a massive RAM of 16GB. This will, of course, be the high-end model as the company is expected to feature other models with lesser RAM and lower prices. To ensure you get the best of gaming, the Windows OS maker will go for NVIDIA’s Pascal or feature an AMD Polaris graphics processor.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5

With many users finding 4K resolutions less useful to them, Microsoft will reportedly be offering this feature on limited variants of the Surface Pro 5. The units with 4K displays will, of course, be costlier than those using 2K display panels. As for the operating system, the tablet will reportedly be coming in with Windows 10 Redstone 2.

The information in this piece is based on leaks and rumors, hence, it should be taken with a pinch of salt. The device is expected to cost about $899 for the base model that carries an i5 processor while the high-end model that carries an i7 processor will cost about $1599. The Surface Pro 5 will also include things like a Surface Pen, improved cameras as well as USB Type-C port, among other features.

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