Skype and Google Hangouts in Trouble as Slack Unveils Voice Calling

Slack vs Google Hangouts vs Skype

In what could spell the end of life in the offices for Skype and Google Hangouts, Slack has just launched a feature that will enable users to make voice calls to each other for free.

This feature will now add to the messaging services already offered on the platform, which is known for its power when it comes to a shared work environment. Voice calling on Slack has been here for some time now, but in previous cases, it was only available on an invite-only basis. Now, the company has announced that this feature will be coming out to all users of the platform, be it on desktops, iOS or Android devices.

Slack is widely used in offices for communication purposes and ever since introducing the ability to share GIFs, the platform’s popularity has increased and now it has a massive 2.7 million users from all over the world. This is great news for an application that just begun in 2013 and now that it has added the ability to make free voice calls, it is blocking the way for major names in the industry such as Skype and Google Hangouts, all of which have been aligning their services to fit the office or rather enterprise environment, especially the former.

In 2015, it was rumored that Microsoft was planning a takeover deal involving Slack – a deal which would have seen a tune of up to $8 billion exchange hands. But this did not materialize. If Slack manages to outdo Skype towards becoming the ultimate provider of communications services in the enterprise world. It will leave Microsoft feeling sore for letting the chance to acquire Slack pass if it really was there.

Slack vs. Google Hangouts vs Skype

In case you are already using Slack on your PC or Chrome, you will notice new phone icon appearing at the upper right side of the channel header. By clicking on this icon, a voice calling mode will be activated. As for those using the app on iOS or Android, just tap on “Start a call” available via the app’s channel or DM (direct message) drop-down menu. If you have the advantage of being a premium user, Slack allows you to make group calls in any channel or even group DM.

If you are also on Slack and someone else tries to call you, a message will show up inviting you to the conversation. It gets even better as Slack has included an emoji response feature for those who feel words won’t be enough to bring out their feelings and it works without interrupting the ongoing call.

According to the company, all users of the service should be able to start making free voice calls by June 10

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  1. Don’t forget about Cisco. With a massive base of customers on WebEx, an enterprise class conferencing solution (also purchased by SMB online) as well the recently launched Cisco Spark which is team messaging like Slack + a phone system line Ring Central + video conferencing with endpoint integration.

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