Microsoft Unveils a Free Version of Skype for Businesses, Calls it Skype Meetings

Skype Meetings

Microsoft has announced a free version of Skype for Business, but this is targeting the small businesses.

The newly launched Skype for Business comes in as a free browser-based version of the application and it goes by the name Skype Meetings. This new application will now make it the first stable product of the company to come on the web. Of course, if we put last year’s Skype for Web beta version into consideration, Skype Meetings will be the second major web-based product from the Windows OS maker.

Using Skype Meetings, users will be able to enjoy making video calls that include up to 10 people at a time. However, this will only be possible during the first 60 days of using the service. Once this period is over, Skype Meetings users will have to be settle with just 3 people in a video chat. The good side of the story is that since this new service is aimed at small business entities, Microsoft has extended the courtesy of including some of the most powerful collaboration features available via Skype for Business. These include the ability to share a screen with other users as well as integration with PowerPoint.

If you already use the free version of Skype, you will actually notice some real similarities with the released Skype Meetings. In addition to supporting the same number of people in a video chat, you will also be able to enjoy using the platform’s messaging capabilities. Despite the similarities between the two, Microsoft is insisting that the latest addition is directed towards small business organizations who want to have an easy time setting up video calls.

Skype Meetings

The only exciting features about this new Skype Meetings, when compared to the free version of the app, is that the new version allows for browser-based access as well as comes with a number of great tools that it borrows from the paid version of Skype for Business.

Given that Microsoft is offering free access to video calls that include up to 10 people for only 60 days justifies the argument that Skype Meetings is a mere teaser that is aimed at pulling more businesses into the paid program or even the new Office 365 plan, which also includes Skype.

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