Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will Pack These Great Features

Galaxy Note 7

Numerous leaks are already doing rounds with talk of what the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will pack in terms of specs, features as well as the design, among other aspects.

Apparently, it is hard to believe any of them since some are a mere contradiction of others. Still, there are reasons to believe that the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 will indeed come packed with great features, much better than what last year’s Galaxy Note 5 and even this year’s Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge have.

The latest leaks of the phablet are the first to come out with so many details regarding the design of the upcoming Galaxy Note 7. From the images, we can tell that Samsung will be coming in with a phone that has a similarly polished finish as what you can see with the Galaxy S7 Edge, however, the back of the phone has the words “Galaxy Note 7.”

While reports have been rife that the Note 7 will feature an iris scanner, none had confirmed the omission of the fingerprint scanner as a result. Apparently, this seems to be confirmed, meaning the phablet will only depend on passwords and iris scanning. It gets even better as the Galaxy Note 7 is also rumored to be coming in with an enhanced translation feature that will let owners of the phone easily translate words from one language to the other.

Galaxy Note 7

Android Nougat on board?

Prior reports have suggested that Samsung Galaxy Note 7 might come with Android N on board. Now that this OS has officially received its name – Android Nougat – all that remains is for the official version to come in. However, with the Galaxy Note 7 expected to be announced in about three weeks’ time, we might not get the chance to see this OS on board the phone right out of the box. Google is expected to avail the full and stable version of Android Nougat somewhere in September.

Still, we might be able to see the Android Nougat update hitting the Galaxy Note 7 this year, just like prospects are high for the likes of HTC 10, One A9 as well as One M9.

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