Microsoft Wants Windows 10 PC to Replace Amazon Echo, Google Home

google home vs amazon echo

Recent rumors have pointed towards a possible Apple smart speaker in the making, with claims that the iPhone maker is already testing Siri with the home device.

If this is true, it would mean that Microsoft is the only major name in the tech industry that is not working on a smart speaker. Nonetheless, this hasn’t ruled out the Windows OS maker from entering your home. According to the latest reports, the Redmond tech giant is working on a Home Hub feature for Windows 10 PC – a feature that is aimed at replacing the smart home speakers, among them Amazon Echo and the newly introduced Google Home.

google home vs amazon echo

Apparently, the new Home Hub feature will allow Windows 10 PC users to easily access shared family resources such as shopping lists as well as a smart home app that makes life easier when it comes to controlling all connected devices. As noted earlier, Apple is reportedly testing Siri on its new smart speaker whereas the Amazon Echo and Google Home have Alexa and Google Assistant on board. As a result, the new Home Hub on Windows 10 PCs will be integrated with Microsoft’s Cortana to play a similar role as the other voice assistants.

The good side of having a smart home app built into Windows 10 PC is that there is support for more than one account, something that could help solve the Google Home problem, which has a single account.

Windows 10 Home Hub release date

If the rumors are to be believed, Windows 10 users will start seeing the Home Hub feature starting with Redstone 2 update, which is scheduled for early 2017. However, the first release will not carry all elements of the Home Hub, instead, Microsoft will be bettering it with future Redstone 3 and Redstone 4 updates, all of which should come in 2017.

Windows 10 home hub

This is a long wait indeed, but it gets even worse for those who are after a Windows 10 PC that has been developed with this Home Hub feature right from scratch. Apparently, such PCs should start arriving towards the end of next year, with players such as Lenovo and HP expected to lead the way.

With the growing stature of the smartphone world, the need for a PC in the home has been growing down. But now that Microsoft is working on a Home Hub feature, Windows 10 PCs are set to get more use in the home, but don’t be too excited as this may take quite some time before coming to reality.

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