Microsoft Windows 10 Preview: Release of 6th Build with Improvements

Microsoft Windows 10

Microsoft has just released the latest version of Windows 10 with plenty of improvements.

The new Windows 10 software for desktops comes with major improvements pertaining to Edge and shell, as well as notifications, input, Hyper V enhancements, gaming and Task Manager improvements.

Regular Updates

Microsoft Windows 10 is more of a service, so it has been built in such a way that it can get regular updates, not merely fixes. Microsoft is thus able to add new features and not merely updates or fixes for issues. Recently, Microsoft has released three big updates for the Windows 10: the update in November, the Anniversary update and the Creators Update.

Hyper V in new Windows 10

Improvements in Edge

It has the ability to read webpages aloud and allows PDF viewing by highlighting words and lines. In addition, the Share user interface is offered in the theme of Edge. It can be launched using the Share. An animation has been added, whereby users can add their favorites. Some bug fixes are also offered.

Update to Shell

The new Microsoft Windows 10 comes with an updated Shell. Users who wished to change a higher DPI display had to previously log out for fixing blurry PC applications, going through procedures of docking and then undocking prior to remoting.

The latest update for Shell offers DPI information for these apps, so whenever they are started, the data is updated by the OS. Users merely have to re launch them for correct rendering in case of blurriness.

windows 10 emoji update

Change in Notifications

The buttons now spread at the bottom and not to the right. This makes it easier to take actions on notifications, with each of them auto expanding within the group at the Action Center. If you want to dismiss the notification, the symbol is an arrow, instead of the prior X.

This makes it easier to understand that the notification is moving to the Action Center and can be viewed again. If you pin a notification badge on the task bar, it will appear in your selected color theme. It will also receive emoticons from the pinned person, and is called ‘pop’.

Changes in Hyper V

Under the quick create is a new virtual machine gallery. Users can select the Local installation sources for picking images from the PC. You can find VM Name options in the More Options tab. Hyper V in the new Windows 10 offers a default networking option, which means that networking is shared between the PC and virtual machines.

Emoji Changes

Users can now type out and search for emojis in the panel. By hovering the mouse on the particular emoji present in the panel, you can view the Unicode name. Touch keyboard has also become more accurate and there is a sound during the key press. The predictions have also improved, as the software has improved in understanding user-typing styles.

Other Changes

The icon for Game mode in the Game bar has also received an update. The UI layout for the GPU tracker in the Task Manager has also been updated. DirectX version along with physical location of GPU is additions. The display adapters for ‘’software only are hidden, whereas the GPUs for ‘only hardware’ is seen in the list.

One thought on “Microsoft Windows 10 Preview: Release of 6th Build with Improvements”

  1. MS needs to freeze all new features and focus on making Windows secure. This has just gone on too long. Their new Windows S which was to compete with Chromebooks and secure was hacked remotely in minutes and fully taken over in less than 3 hours.

    Edge was hacked at will at Pawned this year. Penetrated over and over again with little slowing down the hacker. In the alloted time Chrome was unhackable.

    This is just ridiculous and MS need to stop creating incredibly insecure software.

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